Sofa and armchair buying guide

If you have questions about sofa styles, upholstery fabrics, recliners, headrests and more, as well as how to match sofa looks to interior design styles, you've come to the right place. Welcome to the Furniture Village sofa and armchair buying guide.

Your sofa buying questions answered

Q. What is the most popular sofa colour?

A. The short answer is grey, in all its many shades. Grey is a fabulous neutral - bold but subtle, sophisticated yet versatile, and fashionable without being a fleeting trend. We highly recommend it.

Q. In sofas, what's the difference between pillow back and classic back?

A. Actually, sofas come in three different back styles - the classic cushioned back, the pillow back or scatter back style, and the fixed back. You'll find more information here.

Q. What kind of mattresses do your sofa beds have?

A. Different sofa beds come with different kinds of mattresses, including memory foam, coil sprung and even pocket sprung. If you've found a sofa bed that you like but would prefer a different mattress, please just ask. We will always try to help.

Q. Which Furniture Village sofas are modular?

A. There's too many to count! In fact, we are one of the largest retailers of modular sofas as we're big fans of this versatile and flexible seating solution. Learn more about our modular sofa collections.

Q. Is every corner sofa available as both left-hand facing and right-hand facing?

A. Yes! To clarify, a left-hand facing corner unit (or chaise end) will have the shorter length of the corner sofa (or chaise end) on the left-hand side as you're facing the sofa. A right-hand facing corner unit (or chaise end) will have the shorter length of the corner sofa (or the chaise end) on the right-hand side as you're facing the sofa.

Q. What is the thickness of the leather on Furniture Village sofas?

A. This varies from brand to brand and designer to designer. The industry standard is 0.7 mm and our leathers start at a more luxurious 0.9 mm.

Q. What's the best sofa for a small living room?

A. You can't go wrong with a two seater sofa. They're on the smaller side but can comfortably seat two adults (or three children). You may find that some three seater sofas with slim arms and compact proportions take up hardly any more room than a two seater.

Q. What are the different types of sofa fabrics?

A. We have hundreds of sofas in almost as many fabric types, colours and styles. It's best to start by finding the sofa you love, and then choosing the fabric you like best - most sofas come in a wide range of fabric colours, so it's easy it find one that works with your decor. You can learn more about the fabrics you'll find at Furniture Village here.

Q. What are the different types of leather used in your sofas?

A. At Furniture Village, we offer four types of leather so you can choose the leather look you love and, importantly, find a leather sofa at a price that works for you. Learn more about these four leather types here.

Q. What are Furniture Village sofas filled with?

A. That depends on the sofa. Some of our sofas have foam-filled cushioning, some have feather cushions, some have fibre and some have a mix. When it comes to choosing, there's no right or wrong answer - it all depends on what feel you like. Foam is firmer, feathers are softer and fibre is somewhere in the middle. The sit of a sofa also depends on its suspension - the type of springs or webbing. It's a good idea to come along to your local store and talk to one of our experts.