Sofa and armchair buying guide

If you have questions about sofa styles, upholstery fabrics, recliners, headrests and more, as well as how to match sofa looks to interior design styles, you've come to the right place. Welcome to the Furniture Village sofa and armchair buying guide.

What's the right sofa or armchair material for you?

Choosing between fabric or leather can be difficult. Leather upholstery ages beautifully and has plenty of character but you'll enjoy an even wider choice of colours and styles if you opt for fabric upholstery. To help you choose a leather or fabric sofa we've made it easy to order fabric swatches.

Fabric sofas and armchairs

Practical, affordable and offering a huge choice of colours, patterns and styles, fabric upholstery is a great choice for sofas and armchairs. Take a closer look at the types of fabrics you'll find covering Furniture Village sofas and armchairs.


Resilent yet luxurious, this soft-feel fabric is available in many colours. But be warned, chenille is a pile fabric so can show wear and is not ideal for homes with pets or young children.


Whether man made or natural, velvet has a luxurious shimmering texture, soft feel and is available in many colours. Velvet is a pile fabric, so it can show wear and is not ideal for homes with pets or young children.


This soft-to-the-touch synthetic fibre is pre-treated with a protective finish for durability so it's an excellent choice for everyday living. It feels soft and luxurious too.


With its lovely natural texture and beautiful imperfections, linen is a fabulous choice for an elegant sofa. While linen does not fade or pill, it does not stand up to heavy wear and can crease.


Luxurious and natural, real wool has a lovely soft feel and tends not to wrinkle. This is a very forgiving fabric that stands up to dirt, abrasion, mildew and sunlight. Wool can be an expensive choice.


Available in a wide range of colours, patterns and textures, woven fabrics are perfect for family homes although they can be less durable than other fabrics as there's no protective pile.

Looking after fabric upholstery

Vacuum fabric upholstery lightly or use a soft brush regularly to avoid build-up of dirt, and take care of spills promptly. Fabric tends to fade if exposed to prolonged sunlight, and will show wear on areas of more use. You'll find more information in our upholstery care guide.

Leather sofas and armchairs

There’s nothing quite like leather, which is why all of our leather sofas are upholstered in only the best 100% leathers. Attractive and luxurious yet hardwearing and easy to care for, leather upholstery is a timeless choice that’s always in fashion, and a great option for busy family spaces and homes with children. At Furniture Village we offer four different types of leather.

Family leather

Uniform in appearance, our family leather has a protective coating which makes it hardwearing and family friendly. It's a great value, practical choice.

Club leather

Club leather is thick, durable and strong with a heavier grain definition. It's designed to be tough enough to withstand the rigours of a busier lifestyle.

Romance leather

Featuring a distressed, antiqued finish for a gorgeous lived-in look, our romance leather is rich in distinctive character and improves with age.

Connoisseur leather

Made from the finest premium hides, our connoisseur leather is luxuriously soft and features characterful natural grain markings.

Looking after leather upholstery

Whatever type of leather you choose, you'll notice texture and colour variations, even within one piece of furniture, as well as characterful markings. Leather also tends to stretch and soften with use. You'll find more information in our upholstery care guide.