Sofa and armchair buying guide

If you have questions about sofa styles, upholstery fabrics, recliners, headrests and more, as well as how to match sofa looks to interior design styles, you've come to the right place. Welcome to the Furniture Village sofa and armchair buying guide.

What's the right sofa or armchair size for you?

It's important to make sure any new furniture fits perfectly, so be sure to figure out your room layout first and measure carefully before shopping. Remember, your furniture needs to be in proportion to the room, to your other furniture and, in particular, to the height of the ceiling. Think about the aesthetic of the room too - two small sofas might look better than one large one, for example - and consider modular seating.


Armchairs are, by and large, designed to seat one person. This is wonderful if you're that one person, but if you need to accommodate a lot of people, an armchair might not be the best use of space. If you do have room for an armchair, be sure to explore all the different types of armchair, like wingback armchairs, swivel armchairs and recliner armchairs to find the right one for you.

Cuddle chairs

Cuddle chair, snuggle chair, love seat - whatever you call them, these oversized armchairs are a living room must-have. Designed to seat two in cosy comfort, they're perfect for cuddling up with the one you love - or for stretching out in solitary comfort. Cuddle chairs are large pieces so you might want to maximise seating options by opting for a sofa instead.

2 seater sofas

When space is at a premium, a two seater sofa is the way to go. These smaller sofas offer greater flexibility if you're decorating a room from scratch and want to keep your layout adaptable. They're often more affordable which is helpful if you're just starting out. These compact sofas are available with classic, fixed and pillow backs, and in fabric and leather.

3 seater sofas

If you have a more generous room to fill or need something bigger to accommodate family and friends, a spacious three seater sofa could be the answer. Choose fabric or leather upholstery in classic back, fixed back or pillow back style. Not quite enough room for a large sofa? Choose a compact three seater sofa with slim arms.

4 seater sofas

A four seater sofa is big on comfort and roominess. So whether you are having a crowd round or stretching out with your nearest and dearest, everybody's happy. Choose fixed back, classic back or pillow back style in either fabric or leather. Remember that a large sofa can dominate a smaller space, so make sure you measure carefully before ordering.

Corner sofas

A corner sofa is hugely versatile and can be the most accommodating choice for fitting around other pieces of furniture - especially if your home has an unconventional layout or if you need to save space. A corner sofa also help you to create a seating area within a larger multi-purpose space. Choose classic back or pillow back style in either fabric or leather.

Chaise end sofas

A chaise end sofa is designed for reclining. Like having a built in footstool, a chaise end lets you put your feet up and stretch out in style. You will find that many 2 seater sofas, 3 seater sofas and 4 seater sofas incorporate a chaise end. Chaise ends or day beds are often also available as part of a modular collection so you can create your own chaise longue. In a larger sofa, a chaise end may also incorporate a useful storage space.