For a truly comfortable, refreshing night’s sleep you need a mattress that’s right for you. As back to back Bed Retailer of the Year we have every type, from all the best brands. Latex, pocket sprung, memory foam in softer, medium and firm comfort levels. Single, double, king size or super king size, let us help you find your perfect night’s sleep.

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A fantastic night’s sleep is an essential part of anyone's daily life. Choose the right mattress from Furniture Village to ensure you drift off comfortably with ease. Discover our super supportive single and double mattresses, or browse our memory foam mattresses with their responsive, pressure relieving comfort.


No matter what size you are looking for, we can provide you with the perfect mattress to suit any need. With high-quality brands such as Tempur and Slumberland, it will make falling asleep the best part of your day. Sleep in grand style with a brand new stylish bed frame to accompany your mattress. Our vast range covers many unique styles from intricately ornate to sleek, minimalistic designs.


Our king size and super king size mattresses are made to help you to enjoy a great night's sleep, with plenty of space to stretch out or share with your loved one double beds make a great addition to any bedroom. Browse our extensive range of stylish designs in every material from soft leather and rustic wood to upholstered fabric and ornate or modern metal bedframes.