Sofa beds buying guide

Sofa beds buying guide

Do you ever end up with more guests than you have beds for? With a sofa bed, there’s always room for one or two more.

We have a huge range of stylish sofa beds to choose from, in leather and fabric, including sofa beds to match our gorgeous sofa and chair ranges along with those offering integral storage space.

Sizes range from a single bunk bed width 75 cm (2’6”), up to king size 150cm (5’0) to help you make more of whatever space you have available.


Sofa bed buying guide


How to choose your new sofa bed
The best way to choose a sofa bed is to try a few out at your nearest store.

Sit on them, lie on them and ask our sofa bed experts to explain all their benefits.  Spend as much as you can afford to – the more expensive the sofa bed, the more support and comfort it will give you.

You also need to consider where you’re going to put it.  If your space is only big enough for a chair, our chair beds open into a single bed. At the other extreme, we have sofa beds that fold out to a king size bed.

You’ll often need a bit of room (up to 23cm or 7’) from the back of the sofa to open the bed out fully. If a full sized sofa bed with arms won’t fit through your bedroom or stairway, some of our sofa beds have removable arms so they’re easier to manoeuvre in tight spaces.

Some have no arms at all and can still open out to nearly the same width as a standard double bed.


Your sofa bed options
Sofa beds are only designed for occasional use as a bed.  Mattresses are foam or sprung, up to a depth of 10 cm (4”).

Because you sit on a thin layer of padding over a bed mechanism, sofa beds may feel firmer than a standard sofa or chair. The firmness of the sleeping surface will depend on how your sofa bed works.

If the sofa bed pulls out from the bottom of the sofa or chair so that it’s quite close to the floor, it will feel fairly firm. If it’s a metal frame that unfolds to the same height as the seats, with a canvas-like base, strong elasticated straps or wooden slats for the mattress, it will feel more like a normal bed.

Either way, it’s worth considering a mattress topper to add extra comfort.


Make it last
Care for your sofa bed in the same way as you look after your sofa and your bed. Rotate and turn the mattress every time the sofa bed is used, and don’t overload any storage spaces.

Your sofa bed comes with a built in 5 year quality guarantee, but it’s worth asking about Guardsman – our protection plan that covers your sofa if it’s accidentally damaged.