Sofa bed buying guide

Practical and versatile, a sofa bed or chair bed provides stylish living room seating as well as a bed for any guests, unexpected or otherwise. But as youʼre choosing a bed as well as a sofa, you may need a little extra advice.

Sofa beds

As comfortable as any sofa

Leather or fabric upholstery

Wide variety of styles

Turns any room into a guest room

Gone are the days of the boxy, utilitarian sofa bed. With our extensive selection of beautiful designs, youʼll find that itʼs difficult to tell that you are sitting on a sofa bed at all.

We have a huge range of stylish sofa beds to choose from, in both leather and fabric, including sofa beds to match our gorgeous sofa and chair ranges and some offering integral storage space. If you need advice when choosing which sofa bed is best for you, our sofa bed buying guide will definitely help.

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How to choose the right sofa bed

Test it

It's always a good idea to test a sofa bed, as you would if you were buying a bed. Try lying on it to see how the mattress feels and sitting on it as you would a sofa. Then open and close it to see how easy and smooth it is to operate - It shouldn't cause you any strain.

Measure your space

You will need to consider your space as you'll need a bit of room from the back of the sofa to open the bed out fully (up to 23cm or 7′). Don't worry if a full-sized sofa bed won't fit through your door or stairway. We have a range of options with removable arms to help with delivery and to fit into those tight spaces. For smaller rooms, some sofa beds have no arms at all and can still open out to almost the same width as a standard bed.

Consider the mattress type

A good quality mattress makes for a good night's sleep. So when it comes to investing in a sofa bed, it's important that it's comfortable and supportive.

Remember, sofa beds are only designed for occasional use as a bed. Mattresses are usually either foam or have springs, and are generally no more than 10cm (4 inches) deep.

Because of the way it's constructed, your sofa bed may feel slightly firmer than a standard sofa or chair. The feel of the sleeping surface will depend on your sofa bed mechanism.

Choose your sofa bed mechanism

There are several different sofa bed mechanisms to choose from. The one you choose depends on how often you think it'll be used as a bed and on how much room you have.

Two-fold sofa bed

The most traditional type of sofa bed, the two-fold sofa bed has a bed base and mattress that's hidden beneath the sofa cushions. It simply pulls out and unfolds in two movements. The mattress of a two-fold sofa bed is folded only once so it can be slightly thicker and is better suited to more regular use.

Three-fold sofa bed

The three-fold sofa bed works in exactly the same way as the two-fold sofa bed, but because it unfolds in three movements the mattress is folded twice and therefore has to be slightly thinner.

Roll-out sofa bed

The bed in this type of sofa bed rolls out from the back of the sofa in an easy, smooth action. You don't need to remove the seat or back cushions first, as everything rolls out together. The cushions are automatically stored under the bed surface.

Trundle or pull out sofa bed

This type of bed simply slides out on casters or wheels from under the sofa base. It's a good solution for a small space as you don't have to find room for the sofa seat and back cushions - they simply stay on the sofa.

Clic-clac sofa bed

This sofa bed converts from an armless bench-style sofa to a bed. The name clic-clac - you may also see it written as clic-clack - refers to the sound the two-step locking mechanism makes as it folds flat. This type of sofa bed is a good solution if your living space is more compact.

Caring for your sofa bed

Keeping your sofa bed in top condition is easy. We recommend you look after it in the same way you would care for your sofa or your bed. If the mattress can be rotated or turned, then do so every time you use your sofa bed. And always avoid overloading any integral storage space.

All of your sofa beds come with a 5 year guarantee but it's worth asking us abour our Guardsman protection plan to cover your sofa against any accidental damage.