Cleaning tips

Glass is a practical material for a dining table as it’s strong, spill resistant and easy to care for – use only recommended cleaning products. Vinegar or specialist products can be used to make the glass shine, but using a soft dry cloth or even a dry tea towel can also make it sparkle and remove water marks and residue from cleaning.

To maintain the shine and the smooth surface of glass, avoid abrasive cloths and cleaning materials.

What you should know

All our glass is tempered or reinforced and meets with British Safety Standards BS6202. However, we recommend that you ensure that any glass furniture is made visible – by placing books on a glass coffee table, for example – so that nobody walks into it.

Glass surfaces under direct light can reveal the polishing process in the form of small scratches.

Looking after your glass furniture

Handle with care
Tempered glass should be handled carefully. In the event of an accident, tempered glass is designed to shatter into many tiny fragments to minimise the risk of injury. If there is any sign of damage to the glass, the glass pane must be replaced immediately.

Protect surfaces from heat and spills
We recommend using coasters and placemats at all times.

Leave extending tables extended
Extending dining tables should be left extended for the first few months to avoid uneven appearance.

Add accidental damage cover

While everything at Furniture Village comes with a 10 year quality guarantee, It's worth asking about our 5 year Guardsman Furniture Protection for dining furniture. This worthwhile insurance plan will cover your new dining furniture against any accidental damage.

Be safe

Never move or carry an extending table while the extension leaves are in use – always return the table to its unextended position first. And remember that inserting or removing the extra leaves of an extending table is a two-person job.

To prevent injury and property damage from unexpected tipping of furniture, we highly recommend installation of anti-tip kits, if supplied with your furniture and for any piece of furniture over 600mm in height. As hardware may loosen overtime, periodically check that all connections are tight, and re-tighten as necessary.

The Furniture Village 10-year structural guarantee

At Furniture Village, every single item we sell is built to last and fit to withstand everyday life. That’s why all our sofas and beds, and all dining and bedroom furniture comes with our free 10-year structural guarantee. So you can buy with confidence – and enjoy your furniture for years to come.
See what's covered

We are here to help

If you have any questions or concerns about your new furniture, please contact your local Furniture Village store for help and advice.