Home accessories buying guide

Home furnishings and accessories transform a house into a home – but how do you choose the perfect piece of art, the right light fitting or the rug that ties your décor together? Read on for tips, advice and considerations to help you choose the perfect homeware.

Choosing your home accessories

There's a world of choice when it comes to home accessories, from plush area rugs to statement wall art and everything in between. The most important thing to consider is what your personal taste is – and what homeware best reflects this.
If you’re going for that uber-cool urban loft look for your living room, you could choose a round retro mirror, statement metal floor lamp and a ceiling light with exposed fixings. And if you want to create a glamorous Deco style bedroom you might opt for a bedside lamp with a glass or mirrored base, monochrome abstract wall art and cushions with a chic marbled or geometric pattern.

There are two approaches you can take with home accessories. The first is to have only a few, very carefully chosen pieces. Perhaps a large statement wall clock or vase, a stunning ornamental sculpture and a silky, deep pile rug. In an otherwise minimalist living space, these accessories can make a real impact.
Or you could go for the eclectic, maximalist approach with luxurious rugs, clusters of interesting wall art, layered lighting, piles of cushions and throws and beautiful objets d’art wherever you look. This is the eclectic, maximalist approach.

Stylists know how to work magic with accessories, and you can learn from them. They might add splashes of a complementary colour through a room, for example touches of mustard in a lampshade or rug to complement a teal sofa. Or they might play with texture, contrasting smooth surfaces with a knitted or woven cushion or throw. Finally, home accessories can be used to heighten the impact of a look, echoing the lines, colours, patterns and shapes in décor and furniture.