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How to style your home office

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Looking to give your home office a fresh new look? Get ready to be inspired by our Home Design Consultant Lauren Davenport's top tips for styling your workspace.


We’ve all been there – you have a super-important video call in five minutes and your home office is in no state to show to the world. Papers everywhere, washing hanging on the airer, and you still haven’t taken that movie poster off the wall yet…

It’s time to make a change. Stop hiding behind blurred backgrounds and start turning your home office into a professional-looking space you can be proud of. Want to know how? Our Home Design Consultant Lauren Davenport has all the details. Read on for a masterclass in home office décor.

1. Find the right furniture

First things first; you need to make sure your furniture is on point. Luckily for you, we have a fabulous selection of small office décor and furniture for you to choose from.

“Gone are the days of drab home office furniture,” says Lauren. “Pick furniture that shows your individuality but keeps it professional.”

Whether you’re a fan of Scandi or love the industrial look, there’s plenty of options for home office furniture that will be the envy of your colleagues. Take a look at our Ercol and Habufa ranges for inspiration.


2. Let the light in

The key to a productive home office environment is keeping it light and bright. “Studies show that light has a huge effect on our productivity,” explains Lauren. Making sure that your workspace is bright will go a long way in keeping you alert and boosting your mood.

To reap the benefits of lighting in your home office, ensure you’re letting in as much daylight as possible. This cooler, blue light lowers melatonin and improves our mood, which in turn will reduce fatigue and keep you going. If your home office is lacking in natural light, using blue-enriched lightbulbs in your overhead lighting and lamps can also increase your work performance.


3. Mirror, mirror, on the wall…

“Mirrors are a great way to maximise natural light, especially in smaller rooms. Position them so that they bounce as much mind-boosting blue light as possible,” says Lauren .

By using mirrors strategically, you can make smaller workspaces seem larger and brighter than they really are. You can find out more in this article from Country Living.


4. Make it yours

If you’re looking to create a home office that’s the talk of your team, you can’t forget the finishing touches. We’re talking plants and ornaments; these two home office accessories will take your space from entry level to chief exec.

As Lauren puts it, “It’s important you create a home office you find joy in, so don’t neglect the personal touches.” This is your opportunity to take your space to the next level, so have fun; bring in things that make you happy when you look at them as this will only boost your mood and creativity. Make your space your own – after all, what’s the point of a home office if it doesn’t feel like home?


5. Go green

When thinking about the colour palette for your home office, you should definitely consider going green. Green is known for its calming effects, which is why you’ll often see it in places like medical waiting rooms.

One way to add in more green is with houseplants, which will reduce stress and create a soothing environment. You could also paint your walls green with a relaxing hue. Farrow & Ball have a gorgeous selection of greens for you to choose from.


6. The artist’s touch

As we’ve said before, the number one priority for small office décor is mirrors. They’ll help to brighten up the room and give even the tightest of spaces more depth. But what other home office accessories should you put on your walls?

Lauren has a key tip; “When looking at home office wall art, go for something that shows a bit of personality, but you would be happy to show your boss.” Abstract canvases are a great choice as they give your space some pizazz while still playing it safe. Landscape photography is another good option, plus it will give you a beautiful view to gaze at as you try to think of a politer way to rephrase your last email.


7. Stay on-time with a clock

As well as home office wall art, your walls will also need a smart clock to help you stick to your busy schedule. We have plenty of options to fit your vibe, from antique style pieces to stylish contemporary wall clocks.

“A wall clock is a great addition to any home office,” says Lauren. “These days they’re more of an accessory than a timepiece, but they’re a quick shortcut to instant style.” Just pick a stylish clock that matches the rest of your workspace aesthetic and it will instantly give your home office a style promotion.

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8. Keep it professional

Of course, as much as your home office should be more than a boring grey cube, it’s important to keep it looking professional, especially if you’ll be having video calls in there. So how exactly do you strike a balance between professionalism and adding a personal touch?

“There’s a couple of key points to keep in mind,” says Lauren. “Firstly, be mindful of what’s on display to other people. If you want something more personal on display, that’s totally fine – just make sure you’re either comfortable with it being in view of the camera or move it out of sight.”


9. Stay organised with storage

Lauren has another suggestion; “You should also keep your home office neat and tidy to give a great impression, plus it will make your life so much easier if everything’s organised. Some smart storage is all it takes. That and being strict with yourself when it comes to tidying up!”


10. Show yourself in the best light

Lastly, use lighting mindfully to properly illuminate you. If you don’t have enough lighting in front of your face, you’ll become a silhouette on camera. Our table lamps are perfect for getting the right setup, plus they’ll reduce eyestrain when working at your desk. Just go for soft, warm light here to avoid washing your face out.


So, there you have it – some simple tips to turn your home office from drab to fab. You’ll find everything you need in our home office furniture collection. And don’t forget to share your beautiful home offices on Instagram using #MYFVHOME – we can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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