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8 industrial interior design ideas

Love the industrial interior design trend? It’s one of our favourites, too. And along with fabulous characterful wood and urban cool metal, we're also drawn to this trend because of how very versatile it is. You can mix and match it with other design styles, make it warmer or cooler, be statement industrial or subtle industrial – there are just so many ways that industrial style works in the homes of today. Read on for our design experts favourite interpretations of inspiring industrial interior design.
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Detroit dining

Add a touch of leather luxury

Leather furniture is the perfect complement to the industrial design look as there’s a richness and a depth of texture about both real leather and real wood. The tones are often complementary – the warmth of oak furniture looks beautiful next to the natural tans and browns of large leather sofas and roomy armchairs. Both materials also make a virtue of natural imperfections – it really is no surprise that we talk about the grain of leather and the grain of wood. The perfect place to explore this leather and wood industrial-look style partnership is in the dining room. Choose an industrial wood and metal dining table and pair it with leather upholstered dining chairs. This on trend and comfortable look is absolutely timeless.


Loft Sofa
Terry Foot Stool

Frame it with metal

After wood, metal is the material that’s most evident in industrial interior design. You'll see it edging the legs of industrial dining tables, forming the bases of metal and wood coffee tables and in door and drawer handles.

If you’re looking for a lighter metallic touch, opt for a metal-framed mirror. A mirror, in and of itself, is always a fantastic way to make a room feel lighter, brighter and more spacious. An industrial metal-framed mirror does all that – and adds cool on trend style. Most industrial metal falls on the black and grey – iron and aluminium – tonal spectrum but look out for softer copper or polished chrome mirrors that add an extra touch of shine and brightness.


Metal Industrial Accessories

Be subtle and understated

It’s easy to love the industrial interior design look on the pages of a magazine, but if you’re not sure that it’s right style trend for you, we recommend that you ease yourself in gradually. Start small with a finishing touch like a metal floor lamp, a statement wall clock or a piece of wall art. With their neutral tones and natural finishes, these kinds of home accessories tend to fit in well with most interior styles, both classic and contemporary. This means that you can sit back and relax while you consider whether or not it’s time to fill out the look with industrial furniture.


Earth Coffee Table

Get cosy with warm rustic colours

Industrial interior design is inherently warm thanks to its focus on natural wood and beautiful weathered metal which showcases, more often than not, softer greyer tones rather than cooler stainless steel or iron. To bring home this natural warmth, look out for industrial dining sets made of reclaimed wood. Rich in unique character and texture, reclaimed wood features knots, marks and imperfections that are decades old and testament to the enduring beauty of real wood. Pair your table with fabric dining chairs upholstered in soft autumnal colours, or make a dining room style statement with a gorgeous brown leather armchair.


Warm Tone Accessories

Introduce cool urban tones

If your personal aesthetic is less rustic, more urban, you can still make industrial interior design work well in your home. Look out for pieces with cooler tones – taupe rather than oak, black rather than grey – and accentuate with sleek fittings and finishes. Paint the walls in a sophisticated shade of blue or grey, add wool rugs in off-white or cream, and indulge yourself with a leather sofa in a non-traditional colour, like smoky grey, dark purple or teal.



Find the softer side

Industrial interior design is all solid wood, cool metal and dramatic, bold lines, right? Think again. There’s actually a very soft and comfortable side to industrial style. This is a look that’s really all about being at home and feeling relaxed, and that’s very clear when you look at the sofas that fit best into this look. Leather, as you might imagine, predominates. But more important than the fabric or the finish is the shape and the lines of these industrial-style sofas. Often oversized and with fabulously generous curves, deeply cushioned seats and wide arms, these leather and fabric sofas are large in scale and incredibly comfortable.



Make an industrial feature of a feature wall

If you’re lucky enough to live in a New York-style loft with incredible exposed brick work, you can probably sit this one out. If, like the rest of us, your walls are steadfastly neutral, then congratulations – you have the perfect canvas upon which to create an industrial feature wall. Start by painting it a bold colour – try an earthy dark brown or a dramatic dark grey. Then decorate your wall with one or two industrial pieces like a mirror, a wall clock and or some wall art that coordinates with your chosen wall colour. To make yours a three-dimensional industrial installation, place a single piece of furniture like a wood and metal console table or sideboard against this backdrop. Hang a distinctive metal pendant light above for a wall that really has the industrial wow factor.


Earth Dining
Earth Dining

Be eclectic by adding Scandi style

As a design theme, the industrial trend is massively versatile – there’s hardly a room where this look isn’t at home. If you choose, you can enjoy it in your kitchen, living room, dining room and even your bedrooms. But if your design tastes are a little more eclectic, know that it's also extremely compatible with other on trend looks. Try Scandi style, for example. This look’s signature elements – pale wood, retro curves and angles, splayed legs and light neutral tones – dovetail perfectly with more finished industrial interior design style, like industrial furniture in lighter wood tones and compact industrial storage pieces. Channel your inner interior designer and find the perfect balance between the two to create a space that feels on trend yet timeless.


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