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Clever spare room ideas

A guest bedroom or spare room can be used in so many ways. Offering somewhere comfortable and private for guests to stay over is the obvious one – but how often do you have people to stay? Could it serve another purpose, perhaps as an office or study, a home gym or a hobby room? If you’re lucky enough to have a spare room and are looking for some inspiration, read on for our favourite spare room ideas.
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Fantastic spare room ideas to totally revamp that extra space

Guest Bedroom

If you’re lucky enough to have a spare room that can be a dedicated guest bedroom, put yourself in your guests’ shoes and create a place where they’ll truly feel at home.

Include a few home comforts – a comfortable bed, some storage and a table lamp.

Whenever you’re stuck for spare room ideas, a good trick is to start thinking of what you might look for in a hotel room. As everybody has different tastes, a neutral colour scheme’s a good idea. Grey and white is relaxing, and you can accessorise with soft, touchable textures to make the room feel cosy and inviting. For the bed, you can’t go wrong with a timeless, classic style – a simple metal or wooden bed frame will do. Or choose twin beds if you want more flexibility in who can stay.

Don’t get discouraged if you’re working with a small space. Your spare room idea can still turn into reality. All that matters is that people have room to park a suitcase and a private space where they can relax.


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Styling clever spare room ideas

Cinema Room

A spare room can be anything you want it to be. It can be a hobby room, a games room or even a lounge bar. Let your spare bedroom ideas run wild!

But an option that seems to be growing in popularity these days is a ‘home cinema’ room. This is not the same as a lounge or living room, which is also used for entertaining and talking to guests. Instead this is something that pushes the boundaries to capture a dedicated, cinema-like experience.

Visuals and sound are important here. Buy a TV stand to accommodate a large screen, or go for a projector on a screen or blank wall. Shelving units and display cabinets can hide speakers, creating a surround sound effect, and show off your movie library or memorabilia.

Finally, consider the comfort of those invited to watch with you when you’re thinking of ideas for that spare room. Include leather or fabric recliner chairs, or a corner sofa to make the most of the space. Cushions and rugs add extra comfort.




Similarly, you could make your spare room work as a playroom for young children. Put a day bed on one side, which can be used as seating and then transformed when guests come to stay, while the drawers underneath are useful for hiding away toys.

Walk-in Wardrobe

If you enjoy clothes, and lack the space in your bedroom, you won’t be able to resist this spare room idea: equip the room with wardrobes and shelving to create the dedicated dressing room of your dreams. A mirrored wardrobe can boost the feeling of space.

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gym divan


Equip your spare room with plenty of storage, and you’ll have room to hide fold-up gym and exercise equipment. Think wardrobes, trunks and even ottoman and storage beds.



If you enjoy books, a good spare room idea is to turn that extra space into a library. Really go for it with floor-to-ceiling bookcases, a leather armchair or two, plus a floor lamp and a glass coffee table. Include natural textures, through cushions and rugs, to create a warm, inviting space you’ll just love to retreat to.



Your perfect hideaway

There are no rules when it comes to a spare room, and ultimately how the space is used is down to you. So why shouldn’t your spare bedroom ideas be a little bit indulgent – creating a space not for guests, or with any specific purpose, but just an area where you can sit and relax? Meditation spaces are increasingly popular, a place to retreat to from this busy world.

Ingenious spare room ideas to totally transform your attic space

A seldom-used attic at the top of the house can be repurposed as a spare room with real character. Chances are, you may have a sloping roof here, or possibly two. Slanting ceilings can add drama to the overall look, so embrace this with your planning. For example, creative lighting with floor lamps and pendant lights is a great way to create atmosphere. Neutral colours tend to work best with guest bedroom ideas in these spaces, to stop it feeling too claustrophobic.

If you have exposed beams or bare brick, you could channel a modern industrial theme with a metal bed frame, or rustic charm with wooden bedroom furniture. In terms of storage, try bookshelves and cool storage units to cut down on the steep angle of the slanting walls. Fitted wardrobes or floating shelves can make the most of an awkward space.


_**Thoughtful finishing touches idea for the spare room ** _It's the small touches that make your guests feel really welcome, here are some of our favourites:

  • Add a quilted mattress topper to the mattress - or go one better with a topper made from memory foam.
  • Layer the bed with throws, cushions and extra pillows allowing guests to choose their own level of comfort and warmth.
  • Leave out a basket of travel sized shampoos and conditioners, moisturiser, face wipes, toothpaste and even nail varnish remover.
  • A full-length mirror, laundry bag and hairdryer are useful touches for making guests feel comfy and at home.
  • In this digital age, a note of your Wi-Fi password, universal charger and extension cable are all very useful for connected guests.
  • Leave a glass and a bottle fo water on the bedside table, so your guests don't get thirsty in the night. SHOP BEDDING

We hope these spare room ideas have inspired you to give that extra space in your home the total makeover you’ve been dreaming of. For even more interior design tips check out our home office décor schemes you can apply straight away to start working in style.


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