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How to lighten up your living room

We all crave light in our lives. Whether we are outside in the garden trying to catch the sun’s rays, or relaxing inside our living room, being in a light space can improve our mood, give us more energy and help to relieve stress.
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If your living room doesn’t have access to large floor-to-ceiling windows, or is on the small side, then you may be looking for other ways to add light. Therefore, here are our four top tips to help you out.

1. Arrange your furniture wisely

By simply selecting and arranging your living room furniture cleverly, you can create the illusion of extra light. Try to keep tall cabinets and bookshelves to room corners, where they are not blocking out any light from windows, and use low-level cabinets and coffee tables towards the centre of the room. Avoid dark coloured furniture in a small living room as this will make your room appear smaller and darker. Instead, opt for pale wood, white or faded grey furniture, and opt for gloss effect finishes too, which will also help to add reflection. Cream or white sofas are available in both leather or fabric finishes and again will help to maximise brightness in the space.

2. Keep the walls and floors light

Although patterned wallpaper is very much in trend at the moment, busy patterns on the wall can make your living room seem darker, especially if the design features on all four walls. Shades of white or cream on the wall will instantly add light to your living room, especially teamed with lightly coloured carpet, wood or laminate on the floor. If you are really keen to add some pattern onto the walls then consider installing one feature wall, and preferably make this the wall at the back of the room, where the door is situated.

3. Let there be light

Ceiling lights come in a multitude of styles, so before you make your purchase, make sure that the one you choose will allow for maximum shine. Certain styles with thick, coloured shades, make it difficult for the light to pass through, therefore opt for shades made from glass or pale colours to enhance the glow. Add further light in the form of small table lamps resting on coffee tables and add freestanding tripod floor lamps into room corners to benefit even further.

4. It’s all smoke and mirrors

We’ve all entered a room before just to be fooled by the sight of a full-length mirror appearing to double the size of the space. As well as adding the illusion of increased space in your living room, putting up a large wall mirror will also add a good helping of extra light by reflecting the existing natural light that you already have, and extending it further. Put mirrors up high, for example above the fire place, and try to locate them on the opposite walls to the windows as to allow the light to reflect at the perfect angle.

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