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How to style a coffee table

The coffee table is the heart of your living room so it’s worthy of so much more than a scattering of remote controls. As a focal point, it does all the talking, so it should say ALL the right things about your home.
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We turned to Laura, the woman behind the exceptionally stylish Instagram account @thestonetowers, for her take on how to style a coffee table. And not just any coffee table – a Furniture Village cult classic, the Earth coffee table. Laura has been collecting our Earth furniture since 2019 (“I love its industrial vibes”). Her recent addition of the Earth coffee table completed the set, so we tasked her with a challenge: to style her Earth coffee table in three decidedly distinct ways. Thank you, Laura for more than rising to the challenge!


Coffee table styling with...books

“I’ve styled the coffee table with two of my favourite books – always go with hardbacks for styling! – and a neutral vase to complement the grey, black and white tones of our industrial dining area. I love how clean and pared back this look is.”


Coffee table styling with...aperitifs

“The coffee table is such a versatile piece. In this shot I’ve styled it as a side table - really handy for making G&T from my husband’s very full gin shelves. I love simple black accessories against natural wood, so I’ve added this lovely black wood tripod lamp. Playing with height brings real dimension to the room.”


Coffee table styling with...plants and pets

“I love clean, minimal styling so I’ve gone with a simple, statement botanical centrepiece, it makes a really relaxing place to sit and enjoy morning coffee and puppy cuddles. I love styling with plants, they always give such a lovely lift to a room. That’s Rocky on the sofa, our one-year old toy poodle, being a very good boy.”


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