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12 grey living room ideas.

If there is one colour that's dominated the world of interior design over the last couple of years, it's grey. And it's easy to see why - a truly versatile shade, grey lends itself perfectly to so many styles and trends. Depending on how it’s used, it can be either cool or cosy, minimalist or opulent, traditional or contemporary. This means that there’s a huge range of grey living room ideas to explore, whatever your personal taste. Some people worry about all-grey rooms looking too plain, but this doesn’t have to be the case. We've picked out 12 of our favourite grey living room ideas and tips, which are perfect if you're in need of some extra inspiration. Whether you’re starting with a blank space or are looking to update an existing décor, we’ve got advice on the shades, accessories and styling that will help pull the look together. Read on to discover how to transform your grey room from a blank canvas to a true style statement.
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1. Mix warm and cool tones for a layered look.

Most people think of grey as being a cool-toned colour; however, grey can actually be both cool and warm. Pale greys often have a cool tone that's very similar to white, while some darker greys can have green or mauve undertones that add warmth.

By layering these different shades, you can create a surprising amount of depth and interest in a single-colour room. Try placing a deep, charcoal grey sofa against a dove grey wall and accessorising with silver cushions for a beautiful blend of tones and shades.


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2. Add interest with patterned accessories.

Many people love grey living room ideas, but worry about it looking too bland. Introducing pattern to the room is the perfect way to break up the sea of grey, especially if you're layering several different shades as above. A geometric-print rug, patterned cushion or even some feature wallpaper are all ideal for adding interest to an all-grey living room.


3. Choose unusual pieces of grey furniture.

Grey sofas and rugs are the obvious choices when it comes to decorating a living room, but there are plenty of other options for grey living room ideas. Choose furniture that you don't typically expect to find in this hue, such as grey bookcases or grey TV stands. Whether you go for cool grey metal or a vintage-effect washed wood, these pieces will help you to make a statement with your colour choice.


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4. Warm up the palette with natural wood.

When thinking about grey living room ideas, some people worry about the space looking too clinical or cold. A great tip to counteract this problem is to introduce natural wood into the decor. Light wood flooring, wicker or rattan accessories and pale wood furniture are all perfect for bringing a feeling of warmth to the room without committing to a vibrant accent colour.


5. Use black and white to change the mood.

As you would expect, grey works harmoniously with both black and white. However, which shade you use - and how you incorporate it - can really change the look and feel of the room.

A few pieces of black furniture, or some bold accessories will add some contrast to your grey living room idea while keeping within the monochrome colour palette. Consider an industrial-style bookcase with a black metal frame, or create a focal point with a black coffee table.

If black feels too harsh, try mixing cotton white in with grey decor to create a light, restful atmosphere in the living room. A fluffy white rug adds both texture and interest, while white-washed wood creates a charming ‘shabby chic’ finish. This is especially good if you’re decorating a smaller room, as the light shades create a feeling of spaciousness.


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6. Bring the outdoors inside.

Keep your grey living room looking fresh and contemporary by introducing some botanical touches. Tropical-inspired accessories, such as leaf-print artwork and green cushions, are perfect for instantly updating a room. For a stylish finishing touch, a large artificial plant makes a great focal point.

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7. Keep it pretty with pink.

While we love a completely monochrome look, inspiration for some of our favourite grey living room ideas comes from rooms with accents of dusky pink. This colour combination works because the muted tone of dusky or pastel pink works cohesively with grey, rather than being too dominating as a fuchsia or neon pink might.

Pink cushions, throws and prints are the easiest way to incorporate the colour for a soft, romantic look, but if you’re feeling bold then a pink accent chair could make a real statement. If you want an edgier vibe, copper and rose gold accessories will pull the look together, creating a slight industrial feel.


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8. Create an opulent look with marble.

One of the most popular decor trends of recent years, marble interiors are still big news. A few marble touches creates a grey living room idea that's luxe but understated, as the subtle pattern blends in seamlessley with the surroundings.

To experiment with the trend, add a marble patterned cushion, a marble vase or lamp - or for more of a statement, try a marble coffee table.


9. Blend grey with beige for a warmer neutral look.

If you want to break up the monochrome of your all grey living room idea without adding too much colour, try mixing grey and beige. This look is simple yet effective, and is ideal if you’d like to update a living room that currently has a magnolia colour scheme. Choosing this colour palette also allows you to experiment with different textures, such as wicker or straw, that wouldn’t be as easy to incorporate into a purely grey room.


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10. Make subtle changes with accessories.

Looking for grey living room ideas inspiration can be a bit overwhelming if you think you need to completely redecorate. Luckily, however, it’s easy to get the look without using too much time or money with a few simple accessories. A grey rug or some simple grey cushions are both quick and affordable ways to update your space.


11. Add pops of teal.

Another of our stylists’ favourite colour combinations, grey and teal work together to create a look that’s both fresh and contemporary. If you want to introduce this accent colour in a subtle way, choose some teal curtains or a few simple accessories. Feeling a little braver? A teal cuddle chair is the perfect statement piece for all grey living room ideas.


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12. Add an industrial edge.

The industrial trend is still going strong this season, and a grey room lends itself perfectly to this style. Add a cool vibe to your living room with chrome or metal lighting, and choose wood and metal coffee tables and side tables. To ensure that your living room is still a warm, inviting space, add some texture in the form of a fluffy rug or cosy fabric sofa.


Grey is chic, stylish, fashionable and very versatile. We hope our review of grey living room ideas has given you inspiration for your future grey living room - whatever your personal taste and style. For more home styling tips, visit our Home of Inspiration.


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