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8 Tips for creating a cosy living room.

Whether you’re watching your favourite television programme, chatting with friends over coffee or putting your feet up with a good book, living rooms are all about comfort and relaxation. Creating a cosy atmosphere is essential to making your lounge even more comfortable and there are plenty of ways to add that extra sense of tranquillity. To help get you started, we’ve put together eight cosy living room ideas to give any space a real feeling of home.
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1. Experiment with a bold and inviting colour palette.

The right colour palette can make a world of difference to the ambience of your living room. To encourage cosiness, think about introducing bold colours.

Generally, darker colours draw the room inwards adding to the intimate feel. If you’re looking for cosy lounge ideas, think about navy blues, deep maroons and warm greys as options for your colour scheme. When paired with natural textures, neutral shades and warm lighting, these hues look especially inviting.

If you would prefer more of a more neutral wall colour, incorporating bold colours into your furniture or accessories is a great way to add warmth and depth into your living room. This works particularly well for smaller spaces, where darker wall colours could be overpowering.

2. Choose sumptuous sofas and armchairs.

The key to creating a cosy living room is plenty of comfort. With that in mind, it’s essential to choose sofas and armchairs that are the perfect places to relax.

When putting together your cosy living room ideas, consider placing fabric sofas at the top of your list. Fabrics give you the opportunity to introduce different textures into your lounge, to enhance the overall cosy look and feel. It’s worth thinking about a corner sofa too – comfortable and inviting in a smaller room and perfect for creating a seating zone in a bigger room.

Leather armchairs or sofas can bring cosy ambience to your living room. Look for pieces in brown or distressed leather and be sure to accessorise with a chunky throw.

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3. Cast a glow with warm lighting.

Lighting is essential for creating a comfortable space and layered lighting systems will really bring your room together. As well as ceiling lights, include floor lamps and table lamps in your living room design. That way, you can fully control how bright you want your room to be at any given time. If possible, it’s worth incorporating dimmer switches into your lighting system too.

In keeping with your cosy theme, choose lamps and lights that evenly disperse light rather than spotlights or reading lamps. Lampshades that create a patterned light effect can add to the comfortable atmosphere too.

4. Experiment with textures and fabrics.

In all cosy living room ideas, creating texture is a must. Like your lighting, layering textures is key to creating a sense of comfort and warmth. Natural textures are a particularly good way to introduce cosiness to your living room. Warm, natural woods instantly give a rustic-yet-stylish feel and add texture and interest – whether you choose to add a wooden coffee table or line the walls with bookcases.

As well as wood, think about introducing fabrics and plush textures. Knitted throws and textured cushions look sumptuous and are perfect for getting cosy on chillier evenings. If you have floorboards, it’s worth considering a thick rug for extra comfort too.

Ultimately, look for luxurious fabrics like velvet, shaggy pile and faux fur. Don’t be afraid to mix and match materials and textures. As long as they all work together with your colour scheme, you’ll find that layering will help your living room feel even more cosy.


5. Think about cosy prints and patterns.

Patterns can bring warmth and interest into your living room, so it’s worth thinking about introducing a few key prints. There are no set rules on the types of patterns to include; it really depends on your personal style. For example, checks and plaid in colours that complement your colour scheme are a great way to create a comfortable country-style lounge. For cosy modern living room ideas, you might want to consider an animal print or an opulent jacquard pattern.

The key to choosing patterns is to use them sparingly. Too much print could overwhelm your space and detract from the restful, comforting ambience.

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6. Bring nature indoors.

When creating a warm and inviting living room, introducing greenery will bring vibrancy and life. A tall potted plant creates a restful, calming corner, however, table-top plants work well too, especially if displayed on your shelving or a sideboard.

If you’re not quite as green fingered as you’d like to be, artificial plants are a great option too.

7. Choose accessories that create a sense of cosiness.

Accessories are key when planning a cosy space. As well as the throws and cushions mentioned above, it’s a good idea to personalise your room with well-chosen ornaments and décor.

When it comes to ornaments, metallics work particularly well. Whether you choose bronze, gold or silver, the metallic finish of your pieces will help to reflect the light for a luxurious atmosphere. Mirrors can be another way to disperse and reflect the light in your living room. Look for frames with a metallic finish for a lustrous look.

Scented candles are also a great way to accessorise. The inviting scent and warm ambience from the candlelight creates a cosiness that stimulates your senses.

When planning your cosy living room ideas, don’t forget to reflect who you are. Sentimental treasures, family photographs or items that mean a lot to you can take centre stage. All of these small touches will make sure you feel truly at home.

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8. Make storage a feature.

As with any living room, storage is a must. While the cosy look isn’t about creating a minimalist space, clutter or everyday items can detract from the overall tranquillity of your lounge. With this in mind, think carefully about how you can integrate storage into the cosy atmosphere. For example, floor-to-ceiling book cases or shelving can become a real feature. Books instantly create a comfortable feel and baskets could be added to the lower shelves for additional storage.

Alternatively, substitute a traditional coffee table with a storage ottoman or footstool. In fabric or distressed leather, they add an extra layer of texture, as well as functional space for storage. These work particularly well as extra seating for larger gatherings and can also function as a coffee table (just use an attractive tray to prevent any spills!)

A cosy living room is perfect for those who love an inviting and relaxing space. Whatever your style preference, even just a few of these cosy living room ideas will help to create a sense of warmth and welcome.

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