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9 grey and white living room ideas

A grey and white colour scheme in the living room is fresh, timeless, sophisticated and incredibly restful. Grey comes in a multitude of tones from strong slate grey to soft dove grey, while white is pure, bright and timelessly stylish which makes it a clean counterpoint to grey. Want to play with different looks? It’s all in the mix. Experiment with the proportion of white to grey and with tones of grey to create different looks, from fresh and light to dramatic and stylised. Read on for our 9 grey and white living room ideas.
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Round white tray style side table

1. White and pale grey in the classic country living room

Sofas in the softest of greys with linen or woven fabric upholstery sit against calm white walls, perhaps with a luxurious dark grey rug underfoot, and an elegant cream or white painted coffee table.

During the day, sunlight filters through white blinds or curtains, while in the evening table lamps on white console tables add warmth to the room. Most greys, but especially pale greys, are perfect for an elegant yet relaxed grey and white living room.

Imagine pale vases on pale grey side tables, curtains with a subtle pattern and white chandeliers as chic and timeless finishing touches. One of our most elegant grey and white living room ideas.


Scandi style grey 3 seater chaise end sofa

2. Shades of grey with white in Scandi style decor

No list of grey and white living room ideas would be complete without mentioning clean, fresh Scandi style. In Scandi living rooms, white is the dominant colour, and grey is its perfect partner. From grey throws and rugs to piles of grey cushions in warmer hues, grey accessories make sure a simple, pared back interior does not feel stark and cold. The grey Scandi sofa, with tapered legs and a buttoned back, is fast becoming a design classic, while large and inviting grey corner sofas also work with cool Nordic décor. Darker greys, such as charcoals and slates, suit a Scandi living room as lampshades, statement walls or even a large floor defining rug.


Abstract monochrome canvas wall art

3. White and grey for the ultra-modern living room

In the modern, minimalist living room, expanses of white floor and wall need to be broken up, which is where grey comes in. Less drastic a contrast than black, but still cool and monochrome, grey is restful and soothing to the eye – a versatile, sophisticated choice for sofas, chairs or accessories. A grey bowl on a white coffee table or a grey throw on a statement white leather sofa are two examples.

To add interest to your grey and white living room ideas, you can ring the changes with your accessories, a common practise in interiors. It suits those who like a regular change, or who prefer different accent colours in the summer and winter months.

As it provides a neutral backdrop, a grey and white living room is the perfect choice if you plan to rent out a property.

White cushioned leather sofa
Modern white table lamp with metal ring stem

4. Achromatic greys and Art Deco style

Achromatic greys are greys where the values of red, green and blue in the mix are exactly equal. They sit in the spectrum of white progressing through to black. Achromatic greys don’t have a hue or hint of any other colour, so they are the purest of greys and suit Art Deco living rooms when paired with plenty of white and touches of black. In an Art Deco white and grey living room, the achromatic grey could be an accent wall, or it could be a sleek and modern grey leather sofa or the grey in a geometric statement rug or bold patterned wallpaper.

Add a modern Deco mirror or two to complete this sophisticated, glamorous look.


Distressed brown leather brown cuddle chair

5. The perfect backdrop for an Industrial style living room

Industrial style living rooms are rich in texture, with characterful leather sofas and wood and metal coffee tables, side tables and display units. Grey and white décor is a cool and classy counterpoint to the richness of all that rustic leather and reclaimed wood. A stormy grey accent wall makes an impact in a chic industrial style white and grey living room. To add luxury to your white and grey living room ideas, a white sheepskin rug, charcoal grey cushions or a metallic ceiling light work beautifully as finishing touches.


6. Grey and white shabby chic living rooms

If you love the shabby chic trend, then white or grey painted furniture (or both) is sure to appeal. A grey painted sideboard or a cream painted coffee table look perfectly at home in the vintage inspired living room.

Shabby chic is one of the most economical of white and grey living room ideas. it’s easy to decorate and furnish on a budget when you choose this style.

If you’ve saved the pennies by upcycling furniture, why not splash out on some white and grey accessories with the ‘wow’ factor? A fabulous white chandelier, piles of luxurious grey silky cushions or a buttoned grey velvet footstool that serves as a coffee table are just a few ideas.


Small painted and wooden sideboard
Cream table lamp with clear glass base
Tall task floor lamp with white shade

7. All the greys with splashes of white

If you love grey – in all it’s many tones and hues – white is the perfect accent colour to ‘lift’ your décor. A grey sofa with grey walls and a grey rug would be far too much without a few touches of white. A white floor lamp or table lamp, white and cream cushions or white flowers will add that light touch and bring the whole room to life.

Mustard cuddle chair with nest coffee table

8. Unifying your grey and white living room

Creating the perfect grey and white living room is a balancing act, where the two colours harmonise in whatever way you choose. Whether grey or white is the dominant colour is up to you. Grey accessories break up a white dominant room, while white accessories lift a grey colour scheme. And they work beautifully together with another colour added into the mix. That’s the beauty of working with white and grey living room ideas – grey itself can be warm or cool, and both grey and white make accent colours pop.

9. Grey and white accessories

White accessories have always had their place in interiors, whether a classic white vase brimming with roses complementing classic décor or a white framed piece of modern wall art, starring on an accent wall in a contemporary living room.

Sleek white metal ceiling lights suit a modern room while a white candelabra adds a touch of vintage chic. Plush white shaggy rugs are soft underfoot, white coffee tables make a small room feel bigger and white table lamps never go out of style.

Grey coffee tables, cushions, rugs, throws, accent chairs and pouffes in woven fabrics, velvets and linens add restful sophistication to any grey and white living room. The best white and grey living room ideas use accessories to showcase your personal style.


Angel wings wall art and white and pendant light
Angle poise floor lamp and pendant ceiling light

We hope you’ve enjoyed our grey and white living room ideas. Subtle, understated and restful, the white and grey colour scheme works with every décor style, and never goes out of fashion.


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