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6 alternative coffee tables for small living spaces

Browse our top alternative coffee tables to find the perfect fit for your smaller living room.
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It’s a not-so-unspoken rule of interior design that all living rooms need a coffee table. That means – no matter how small the space – you’ll need to find something that fits. Not only is a coffee table a practical necessity (even for non-coffee drinkers), it’s integral from an aesthetic point of view too, as it helps create focus and balance in the space. But, as brilliant as coffee tables can be, it can be hard to get right when you’re tight on space. On top of the obvious issue of size, you’ll need to be wary of picking something too heavy-set if you want to keep your living room feeling as spacious as possible. But don’t be put off by the challenge. As tempting as it is to make do with nothing, an empty space could look a little flat, so won’t actually help on the space-illusion front. Creating a focal point in the centre of the room with a carefully-chosen coffee table will help break up the room and give it depth.

If you’re at the end of your coffee table-hunting tether, we’re here to help, with a list of alternative coffee tables that are perfect for small living spaces.

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  1. ## The Decks Coffee Table

We love the Decks Coffee Table because it’s two-tiered and topped with glass – both jackpot design features when it comes to small spaces. Having a couple of surface levels stops the table from looking too chunky, and the way they overlap essentially means it takes up less space while still giving you a reasonable amount of surface area to work with. Meanwhile, the sleek glass finish gives this cool coffee table a streamlined look, and further creates the illusion of space due to being completely transparent. Bingo.

  1. ## The Revolver Coffee Table

For a slightly quirkier look, go for the Revolver Coffee Table which is also two-tiered, also glass-topped and also incredibly handy for small living rooms – but this time with a heavy marble base and a dark (but still transparent) surface for a look that’s sleek and minimal but a little more design-heavy. This table would work well with a grey and blue-based colour scheme, so if your living room is adorned with plenty of light grey, granites and teals, this is the one for you.

  1. ## The Starr Nest of Tables

Taking the two-tiered theme to the next level is the stylish and convenient Starr Nest of Tables. We love its simple, contemporary style and sleek functionality – being able to easily pull out a second table and pop it back away will be a life saver when you’ve got friends round for a cuppa. Made from oil-finished oak with beautiful oak veneers, with a modern, squared-off silhouette we think these neat and versatile tables would work best nestled into textured, rustic surrounds to give a smaller space a cohesive look.

  1. ## The Wings Coffee Table

Back to smooth glass and polished stainless steel, the Wings Coffee Table is a gorgeous, shiny thing to behold, and is just waiting to be placed in a modern but luxurious living space. Its mirrored base is worthy of a magpie’s attention, giving it an opulent, lavish feel. Offset plush, velvet furnishings and deep-pile rugs to make the most of this glossy number – which also conveniently extends outwards for more surface space. That’s what we call a win-win.

  1. ## The McCartney Coffee Table

If you prefer wooden textures to glass and metal, and are looking for something with a slightly more casual vibe, this McCartney Coffee Table should tick all the boxes. It’s slim, angled legs mean there’s plenty of space underneath, so it won’t feel overbearing. Pair it with wooden floors and upholstered seating for a look that’s casual but chic.

  1. ## The Magic J Coffee Table

For those who are into ingenious functionality and contemporary design, it has to be the multifunctional Magic J Coffee Table. Set on adjustable, slender legs with an extendable table top, this versatile table is not only perfect for small living rooms, but for those who are short on dining space too. It transforms from smaller coffee table to larger coffee table in seconds, then raises up to become a dining table when needed. How clever is that?

So there you have it, six gorgeous coffee tables that will slot perfectly into place in a small living room. But if there’s nothing on the list that takes your fancy, just remember these important rules as you continue your hunt:

  1. Go for glass:

    you can see right through it so it creates space where there actually isn’t any.

  2. Go for sleek:

    if glass doesn’t go well with your interiors, just be sure to choose something with a sleek silhouette that doesn’t look overbearing.

  3. Chunky legs are a no-no:

    heavy-set legs on a coffee table simply leave the space feeling full and cramped.

  4. Modern styles work best:

    try to go for something clean-cut and modern over traditional and ornate – the more ‘frills’ there are to look at, the fuller the space will feel.

By bearing these rules in mind, you’ll be sure to find something that not only physically ‘fits’, but that enhances your living room in all the ways a beautiful coffee table should.


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