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The best coffee tables for small spaces

It’s a not-so-unspoken rule of interior design that all living rooms need a coffee table. Not only is a coffee table a practical idea (even for non-coffee drinkers), it helps create focus and balance. Without one, your room can feel somehow unfinished. The problem is, it can be a real challenge to find coffee tables for small spaces. If you’re at the end of your coffee table-hunting tether, we’re here to help, with some hints on finding the perfect coffee table, or the perfect alternative to a coffee table… for when space is limited.
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The glass coffee table

The beauty of the glass coffee table is that it makes a small living room feel so much larger. This is because you can see right through it, so it does not appear to take up too much space. We’re big fans of the glass coffee table because they’re not just sleek and stylish, they’re practical too. Any spills can be wiped up easily.

If your living room furniture is contemporary, you could choose an ultra-modern coffee table in bent glass, or one with a wooden or metal frame or legs and a glass top. Another option is a compact high gloss coffee table, which reflects the light, so is also space enhancing.

TOP TIP: If your glass coffee table has a frame, avoid anything too chunky. A sleek silhouette is far more space enhancing.


Glass Coffee Tables

The two-in-one table

If you choose a two-in-one coffee table you can create extra space in your living room whenever you need to. A two-in-one table can be separated into two side tables, so you can reconfigure your living room as the need arises. If you can’t find a two-in-one coffee table to suit, find two matching side tables, perhaps with ceramic tops which can be placed at either end of your sofa, but can sit nicely together if you want a larger surface.

TOP TIP: If you’re having a crowd over, move one half of your coffee table or one side tableinto another room if necessary.


Yoko Coffee Table

The extending coffee table

Dining tables can extend, so why not coffee tables? This could be the perfect solution if you want to make your coffee table bigger for a family game or TV dinner, then make it smaller again when you’re finished. Many modern extending coffee tables have glass tops and extend with a smooth swivel action, sitting nicely beside a compact corner sofa.


Twist Coffee Table

The luxury footstool

A luxurious footstool in woven or velvety fabric or premium leather is a stylish alternative to the traditional coffee table. Modern footstools suit the contemporary home and can beusefully compact, perfect beside your favourite armchair. Traditional lowfootstools, some on castors, look stunning and are easy to move out of the way when you need to. Many of them are buttoned, which adds to the character – and they’re versatile enough to double up as extra seating.

TOP TIP: To protect your footstool, place a tray on top when you’re using it as a coffee table.


Holly Sofa and Footstool
Luxury Foot Stools

The storage footstool

Continuing with the footstool theme, the storage footstool takes versatility a step further. A neatly sized storage footstool serves as a coffee table, extra seating and a useful place to hide the clutter. Multi-functionality at its best.

TOP TIP: Try to find a storage footstool with feet or legs, as it will appear to take up less space than one without.



Nesting tables

Nesting tables – usually in groups of two or three – are made for the small living room, and there are plenty of styles to choose from. As well as sleek wooden nests of tables, you can find industrial style nesting tables in wood and metal, and elegant nests of tables with metal legs and mirrored or marble tops. You can even find ultra-modern nests of tables in acrylic. Find a style you like and coordinate it with other pieces of furniture such as shelving units.

TOP TIP: Place the largest nesting table beside your sofa to use day to day, and bring out the others whenever extra surface space is needed.


Nested Tables


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