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6 fabulous living room colour combinations

Living rooms are the heart of the home. Whether you’re cosying up with a book, watching television or chatting with friends over coffee, this is a space defined by comfort, relaxation and enjoyment. That’s why it’s so important to make this area of your home an ambient space that works for you and your family.
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If you’re updating your living room, you’ll no doubt be thinking about colour schemes. After all, colour helps to define your space and gives you the opportunity to create a room that’s unique to you. However, it can be challenging to find the perfect colour combination to suit your space and your personal sense of style. If you’re looking for living room colour scheme ideas, we’re here to help. Read on for a variety of colour combinations for living rooms that are sure to inspire.

Quilted mustard chair with marble coffee table.

1. Inspired neutrals

Bringing nature indoors is certainly nothing new when it comes to interior design. Incorporating natural textures in your living room is a timeless way to add interest and cosiness to your space, many styles of living room embrace natural textures and neutral tones – from country style to contemporary Scandi. Often, we look to furniture or accessories to add nature-inspired texture to our design. However, your colour palette is also a great way to bring in a calming sense of the outdoors to your living room.

For a soft yet inviting colour combination, look to nature-inspired neutrals. Warm sand shades, earthy browns and misty greys create an exquisite palette for those who wish to design a relaxing space. To complement your colour combination, look for furniture that completes the natural look. Coffee tables in oak, for example, look particularly charming against these hues. Alternatively, leather sofas in rich browns or soft beiges can add to your rustic style.

If you prefer a bold pop of colour, think about creating contrast against the neutral backdrop. Colourful fabric sofas in luxurious materials like velvet can look especially elegant. Look for stylish shades that are cohesive with your natural theme. Forest greens, deep sea blues and terracotta hues work particularly well.

[Alt tag:] Comfy brown leather sofa with modern glass and metal coffee table.

Comfy brown leather sofa with modern coffee table.
Pale blue snuggler chair with geometric rug.

2. Honey hues and washed-out blues

Honey shades are set to make their mark on the interior design world in coming months. It’s easy to easy to see why. Warm, inviting and endlessly stylish, honey-inspired colours are on-trend yet classic.

If you wish to incorporate this beautiful colour into your home, it’s important to think about the right colour combination for your living room. Keep this shade from looking dated by creating a fresh contrast with complementary colours. Washed-out blues look particularly good against the warm backdrop of this autumnal hue. Think about choosing accessories and furniture that lift the amber tones, such as a statement fabric armchair in pale blue or luxurious cushions in a similar shade.

Patterned grey Westbridge snuggler chair
Natural décor with painted and wood coffee table.

3. Updated classics

A classic colour palette never goes out of fashion. Whether you love the soft ambience of these shades or the comfortable elegance they bring, classic tones are a great choice for living rooms of any shape or style.

To keep your classic colour combination fresh, think about incorporating updated tones to your mood board. Steer clear of magnolia, bright whites and beiges. Instead, look for off-whites, stone shades and soft pinks. These hues make the perfect colour combination for living rooms, as they add both interest and warmth.

To ensure your classic living room is anything but boring, look for interesting furniture and accessories that bring unique style and elegance to your space. Marble coffee tables with bold metal accents look especially striking against dusky pink shades. Equally, modern sofas with a bold print or design will help to lift your living room design.

Red striped Duresta fabric sofa

4. Deep berries and rich purples

When it comes to living room colour scheme ideas, berry shades make a stylish choice. Opulent, inviting and exuding luxurious glamour, this colour palette is ideal for those who wish to make a statement with their living room design.

There are no strict rules when incorporating berry tones into your lounge. If you prefer a more minimal style, accents of rich purple or raspberry pink work well with neutral shades (particularly warmer whites or taupe). For those who love bold design, marry your berry shades with deep teals, navy blues and emerald greens.

For an especially opulent look, think about including metallics like brass, gold or copper into your accessories and furniture. For example, metal framed mirrors or elegant lighting in a metallic finish are sure to complement those gorgeous berry tones.

Flowers with console table and lamp.
Oriel large round mirror and house plant.

5. Vibrant tropical tones

Create a beautiful tropical sanctuary with this timeless colour combination for your living room. From rainforest greens and bright corals to sunshine yellows and sea-inspired teals, tropical tones are a fun and vibrant way to bring unique style into a room. While these shades are bold and bright, they can be relaxing and characterful in the right space.

In the living room, these shades offer an opportunity to get creative. Mix and match items in your space to add vibrance and depth. For example, there’s no need to stick to a matching sofa suite. Think about adding a statement armchair in a contrasting colour or bold tropical print. Or, if you prefer, a footstool or storage ottoman in a bright colour would work equally well to bring a striking depth to your living room. Think about adding plenty of plants (artificial or real!), as well as natural textures (such as a wooden coffee table or bookcase).

Botanical cushion on mustard armchair
Ercol artisan coffee table.
Cushioned teal blue fabric sofa

6. Soft shades and cool jewels

Jewel tones are another gorgeous colour combination for living rooms. Emerald greens and bright sapphire blues are particularly on-trend and beautifully opulent.

To make these shades really work, pair with softer pastel shades. If you love a bright and vibrant wall colour, think about choosing softer tones for your furniture and accessories. A fabric sofa in pale neutrals or pastels works well to create a chic space that doesn’t feel overcrowded by darker hues. Alternatively, consider choosing neutral walls and bold jewel-coloured furniture to add depth.


Whatever colour combination you choose, we hope that you’re inspired by our living room colour scheme ideas. For more home styling tips, visit our Home of Inspiration.


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