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9 Blue Living Room Ideas

From soft duck egg blue to bold navy, it’s easy to see why blue hues continue to be so popular when it comes to living room design. Timelessly elegant and beautiful, a blue colour palette brings a sense of restfulness and style to any room. If you’re not sure where to start with planning your blue living room, we’re here to help. From choosing the right shade to suit you to accessorising your lounge, we’ve put together 9 blue living room ideas to help inspire you
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Deco teal velvet buttoned sofa
Pale blue chenille fabric sofa

1. Stay on-trend with washed-out blues

Muted blue shades are definitely of the moment. From hues inspired by faded denim to gorgeous powder blues, these colours are a great choice for those who want to incorporate understated blue shades into their space without being too bold.

In living rooms, washed-out blues work particularly well with complementary colours. For example, deep greens or bright corals marry beautifully with these shades and will help to create a contemporary feel to your room.


2. Add elegance with deep navy blues

For those who prefer a colour palette that’s a little more bold, deep navy blues could be the right choice. While striking, navy shades also look incredibly sophisticated. They work especially well in traditional interiors, although they can look equally exquisite paired with minimalist furniture and accessories.

If you choose this shade of blue for your living room, remember that dark shades tend to draw the room inwards. That means for larger spaces, a deep navy can create a cosier feel. However, it might be better to limit navy to an accent wall in smaller rooms to avoid making your room feel smaller than it is.

Grey fabric Chesterfield style sofa
Teal leather sofa

3. Update your living room with teal

If powder blues and navy hues don’t suit your living room, you might want to consider a bright teal. Popular in blue living room colour palettes, teal is a versatile shade that suits both traditional and modern homes.

To keep this shade from looking dated, think about updating your colour palette with modern colours. Mustard hues, for example, work extremely well with teal and will keep your interior looking fresh. Alternatively, rust shades are equally as complementary and will help to create a contemporary feel.

Teal fabric accent chair with yellow cushion

Use white to create contrast

When thinking about blue living room ideas, it’s always a good idea to include white shades in your colour palette. Blue and white work well together and using white as an accent colour in your living room creates a crisp and fresh contrast with the richness of blue. No matter which shade of blue you choose, it will be a good idea to think about where you can create depth using white hues.

For example, you could choose to paint your skirting boards and ceiling in a bright glossy white. Against navy blue, washed-out blue or teal, this looks particularly striking and will help to give your space structure. Alternatively, look for white sofas or furniture to complement your blue walls. These look particularly opulent placed against a statement wall.

Navy blue leather recliner sofa

5. Choose sofas to complement your colour palette

Depending on the blue colour palette you choose, think carefully about how your living room furniture works with your overall look. As mentioned above, if you choose to paint your walls in a statement shade, be sure to create contrast with your living room furniture. If you have a pale wall colour, look for darker furniture to create a room that has depth and elegance. For example, a deep blue sofa against a washed-out blue wall or neutral colour palette looks exquisite. Alternatively, lift your space with lighter coloured sofas to prevent your living room from looking cluttered.


6. Keep your furniture cohesive

Of course it’s not all about the sofa. Your other living room furniture plays an important role in keeping the overall look consistent. Natural textures work well with most blue shades, so it may be worth looking for wooden coffee and console tables, as well as bookcases and sideboards. These natural shades and textures bring depth, interest, and contrast to your blue living room. Remember to think about the shade of wood in relation to your chosen blue colour palette. Warmer woods are better suited to blues with warm undertones (such as teal), whereas grey-toned woods work better with cool-toned shades (such as navy).

Abstract rug

7. Accessorise with metallics

When creating your blue living room, there’s no need to stick to your colour scheme too rigidly. Incorporating different textures, colours and finishes will help to give your living room a real sense of style.

In particular, metallics work well with blue shades. Whether you choose a metal coffee table, a sofa with statement feet or choose to accessorise with metallic objects, bringing in these different colours and textures will add elegance and opulence to your lounge. Most metals work with different blue colours although copper and navy, as well as powder blue and gold, are classic combinations.


Teal coloured angle poise style floor lamp

8. Add texture with soft furnishings

Whatever colour palette you choose, it’s important to incorporate texture to create a truly cosy, welcoming living room. Soft furnishings give you the opportunity to do just that, as well as experiment with complementary colours and different blue shades. Think about a chunky throw for your sofa or plush, velvety scatter cushions to make your blue living room an inviting place to relax.


9. Bring nature indoors

Blue and green have long been considered complementary colours. For this reason, introducing a variety of plant life to your living room (whether real or artificial) is a great way to make your space feel relaxed and even more inviting. The green leaves of plants work well with whatever shade of blue you choose, and plants instantly introduce a sense of calm and restfulness to any living room.

Blue fabric sofa

Whether you choose the opulent elegance of navy or a restful washed-out blue, we hope that you’re inspired by our blue living room ideas. For more home styling tips, visit our Home of Inspiration.


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