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Colour Schemes for Modern Living Rooms

Whether you love the contemporary look or prefer something a little more classic, you’re sure to want to keep your colour scheme fresh and up-to-date. To help get you started with choosing a colour scheme for your contemporary living room, we’ve put together a range of inviting and stylish colour combinations that are bound to inspire. From warm autumnal tones to minimalist neutrals, read on for on-trend and stylish living room colour palettes.
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Brown leather chair against a blue grey wall

For fans of neutral tones

If you prefer a pared-down approach to interior design, a neutral colour scheme might be right for you. For a contemporary take on these understated colours, look to unusual shades combined with minimalist hues.

Honey hues and old lace

Warm amber tones and shades inspired by honey are particularly on-trend. Keep these shades looking timeless and cohesive by combining with the creamy colour of old lace, which will highlight the warmth in these tones. Also, consider accessorising with contrasting colours, such as pale blues or deep greens to complete your modern living room colour scheme.

If you’re concerned about using such a rich colour on your walls, think about incorporating honey hues in other ways, try adding in a honey-coloured leather sofa that would look striking against a cream-coloured wall.

Mauve, rose, cream and grey geometric rug

Stone shades and soft mauves

Update your neutral palette with soft stone shades combined with pastel mauve. Think about mixing tones within this colour scheme; a multitude of stone shades will look stunning when paired with muted purples. Consider keeping your space tonally consistent by choosing a fabric sofa in a similar shade – contemporary sofa styles work particularly well. Tie the key colours in your living room together with a rug combining all the shades.


Sage green and tonal greys

For an especially restful living room colour scheme, pale sage green combined with soft grey shades is a stylish choice. Modern and fresh, these tones work together to create a tranquil room that is both on-trend and timeless. To bring warmth, think about adding a classic brown leather sofa and natural textures, such as an oak coffee table or bookcase. Or choose a textured or velvety fabric sofa or cuddle chair in gorgeous green to create a beautiful style statement.


Traditional green velvet snuggler chair

For understated elegance

From soft shades to statement hues, these understated yet beautiful colour schemes are the perfect choice for those who prefer a more classic look. Go for interesting colour combinations and unique shades to keep this style contemporary and fresh.

Bright teals and coral tones

Coral has been named the colour of the year for 2019 and it’s easy to see why. This bright shade is welcoming, stylish and timelessly elegant. To incorporate it into your modern living room colour scheme, think about marrying this hue with shades inspired by the sea. Deep teal tones work well to provide a contrast to vibrant coral, and these colours create a fun – yet welcoming – ambience to your living room.

Fern wallpaper with metal and marble side table.

Soft blues and forest greens

It’s easy to see why so many modern colour schemes for living rooms incorporate rich forest green hues. This deep shade is perfect for larger spaces and really works to create a stylish yet comfortable ambience. To really keep your lounge on-trend, pair this rich shade with muted blues (colours similar to faded denim work especially well). A blue fabric sofa against a deep green wall will look exquisite.

Brown leather sofa with cushions

Deep browns and terracotta shades

Understated yet timelessly stylish, brown shades are really coming into their own for living room interiors. For a contemporary take on brown, marry these rich tones with warm terracotta hues to create a cosy vibe in your home. If you’re nervous about painting your walls brown, think about pairing deep brown leather sofas and dark wood furniture with pale terracotta wall colours.


Yellow swivel chair and grey rug

For those who love to be bold

If you love bright and vibrant interiors, you’ll adore the unique mix of shades in these contemporary colour palettes. As with all bold colour schemes, there is plenty of opportunity to get creative and make a real style statement in your living room.


Deep purples and cherry reds

Opulence is the definition of this colour palette. For a luxurious contemporary space that is both inviting and beautiful, consider combining deep purple tones with rich cherry reds. To ensure cohesion, choose purple colours with a warm undertone and don’t be afraid to mix bold shades and pale pastels. Try to choose sofas and furniture in keeping with this opulent look; minimalism won’t look right here. Go for a statement chesterfield sofa to add a sense of sumptuous elegance to your space.

Apricot, strawberry and lilac tones

Pastel shades are a wonderful way to bring colour into your space without going too bold. For a contemporary take on a pastel colour palette, look to unusual hues that work together. For example, soft apricot, muted strawberry and pale lilac look uniquely beautiful and will create an understated style statement. If you’re worried about mixing these shades, try to incorporate them on a smaller scale. Adding a statement armchair in a contrasting colour or a pastel-coloured rug is a great way to experiment and find what works for you.

Dusky rose pink Greenwich rug

Dusky pinks are a must in colour schemes for modern living rooms. This beautiful on-trend shade is versatile and works well with a wide range of complementary colours. However, to keep your space up-to-date, consider pairing this hue with grape-inspired purples. This colour combination will add depth to your interior design and create a space that is both stylish and welcoming. To truly make a statement, think about incorporating furniture with a metallic finish to accessorise your space, a marble coffee table with metal legs would complement your design well.

We hope you’re inspired by our colour schemes for modern living rooms. For more home styling tips, visit our Home of Inspiration.


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