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Tips for designing your dream study space

From stylish bookcases to the perfect desk and chair, we’ve got everything you need to create your dream study space.
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A dream study space keeps you motivated and enthusiastic about study, while fostering the atmosphere needed to concentrate and focus. Here are our tips on creating the perfect place in your home to keep you feeling productive, motivated and inspired!

Whether you’ve got a houseful of kids who get more homework than you ever remember getting, oryou’re currently studying yourself, having a dedicated space in your home to get your head down and learn could be just the thing you need. We often overlook the importance of carving out functional areas within our home, which can lead us to having to deal with cramped cramming sessions at the kitchen table (still littered with dinner things), or sofa studying (which carries a serious sleep-risk).

All of this hinders our chances of producing that A+ material. So if you’re going to make the most of being a student or if you want your kids to do the best they can, it might be time to take your study space seriously.

If you have a spare room that’s currently underutilised, or even a convenient corner in the sitting room or under the stairs, why not convert it into a dedicated space for learning? Here are our tips to help you ace your study room design.

Do some homework

Since this is an article about study spaces, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to assign some homework! So, your task to complete before beginning any decorating work is to figure out exactly how you – or your kids – like to learn. In order to get the most out of your study space, it needs to be tailored to those who are going to use it.

If you prefer poring over textbooks and making notes, you’ll need a wall of bookcases, a comfortablereading space and plenty of pens and paper. If you’re more of a visual learner, a large drawing surface is crucial, with chalkboards, whiteboards and flip-boards taking pride of place. For those of you who prefer learning through audio, make sure you’ve got a decent speaker (and maybe some soundproofing for the sake of the rest of the household).

Elmari Tall Shelving

Colour schemes to help you study

As the world’s most dedicated student, obviously your study space is decked out in your institution’s colours… right? Perhaps not. If you’re willing to be a little subtler in your appreciation of your school or university, we’d suggest going for some research-backed colours to help enhance your study roominstead.

The colour blue, for example, is proven to be the best colour to help you study, aiding in concentration and productivity. With cool undertones, blue is also a soothing colour that creates a serene atmosphere, helping keep you calm and focused during stressful exam times.

While a soft blue can adorn the background walls of your study space, you might want to add a few pops of red and yellow to enhance your learning performance. A student-focused study found that reading comprehension can be higher in a room painted with vivid reds and yellows, with participants getting a burst of brain stimulation that helped their performance.

For vivid colours that aren’t overwhelming, stick with small touches, whether that’s choosing brightly-coloured stationery or painting only the backs of your bookshelves with a bright colour.

Realise the power of bookshelves

As the main storage unit for books, stationery, materials, photos and ornaments, the bookcase plays a pivotal role in the study. Perfect for helping you stay flawlessly organised and clutter-free, shelves like this Velodrome Display Unit can also serve as design features in their own right, making it easier for you to create a space that’s stylish as well as functional.

If your study space takes the form of a dedicated corner of your living room, a stylish bookcase works really well to divide up the room in a functional, non-claustrophobic way. Simply place an open bookshelf, like the Content by Conran Elmari Tall Shelving, at the edge of the space, and you’ve got a makeshift wall-cum-storage area that can house items from both the sitting room and your new study space.

Velodrom Cabinet
Sanza Chair

Seated, comfortable and ready to learn

Crucial to any study room is a trusty table or desk to hold all the essentials, and a comfortable chair that encourages good posture.

One of our favourites is the playful, modern and versatile Sanza Swivel Chair. Available in lots of fun colours including a blue to highlight your blue colour scheme, its cushioning and swivel base make it both practical and comfortable.

When it comes to your table or desk, think about how you like to study and go for one that’ll accommodate your learning style. Whether you choose a large desk with plenty of space to get creative or something smaller encouraging streamlined focus, it’s important to pick one you’re comfortable with, and that works well within the room. Also keep in mind the height of your table, which can be crucial for those long study sessions. The edge of your table should be just below your ribcage when you’re seated, and your elbows should rest comfortably on the table without you hunching over.

Lightbulb moments

A well-lit room is important for maintaining concentration as well as avoiding headaches and eye strain through hours of reading, writing or revising. With that in mind, layer up your illumination with plenty of lamps – overhead lighting can look stark and can feel much more stressful than more subtle lighting. We think the Cera Mustard Table Lamp looks perfect in a contemporary room, with its quirky base adding interest, and its soft yellow shade helping foster creativity.

Staying with the quirky theme, why not go for a tripod table lamp for a unique take on layered lighting? The Black Wood Tripod Table Lamp with rotating head light lends a sophisticated air to your study space – and is particularly fitting if you’re studying a film or photography related subject.Going in a more mechanical direction, the White Wash Wood Tripod Table Lamp is similarly unique, with its caged metallic casing making it perfectly at home in any modern study space.

Cera Table Lamp

We’ll leave you with one last point – and no more homework, we promise! However you choose to decorate your study space, it’s important to think about whether each item is likely to motivate or demotivate you. By choosing the furnishings, colours and decorations of your study space by virtue of how inspired, pumped and ready to learn it makes you, you’ve got a better chance of creating a space that you genuinely thrive in. Bring on the A stars!


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