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Five Spring Cleaning Tips You Must Follow

After the cold and cosy days of winter, it’s finally time to look forward to the lighter, brighter days of spring.
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Traditionally this time of year is also when we spruce up our homes so here are our top five spring cleaning tips for a fresh and fabulous look ready for the new season.

1. Blitz the bathroom

Our bathrooms should always be kept hygienically clean but even the most scrupulously kept homes are likely to find a build-up of grime over time that needs special attention.

Problem areas include grout around the tiles, where mould can fester and grow, leaving unsightly black marks and showers heads which clog with lime scale.

To sort these out, look out for specialist products and bear in mind that many need time to work so you’ll need to ensure the bathroom is out of bounds for a little while.

2. Deep clean the carpets

Regular vacuuming is the key to keeping carpets and rugs looking their best but a regular deep clean will help remove stains and other trapped dirt that this can miss.

It’s a job for which you can choose to call in the professionals but there are kits available which allow you to do it yourself too. Bear in mind that you’ll need time for the carpet to dry, so a bright and sunny day is ideal.

You’ll also need to remove all furniture from the room so you might want to take the opportunity to clean items such as TV cabinets, bookshelves and coffee tables as you go.

3. Degrease the oven

It’s a tough job, but someone has got to do it. Cleaning the oven is one of the least enjoyable tasks when it comes to housework but it’s also one of the most rewarding.

Again, specialist products can be your saviour here, taking away much of the hard work that can be involved.

Once clean, you could also invest in liners that can help keep it looking its best for longer and ensure everyone uses the appropriate baking and cookware to prevent spills and leaks.

4. Wash the windows

We highly recommend using a window cleaner for the outside of your house due to the heights that are often involved but keeping the inside windows clean is something you should be able to tackle yourself.

If you can’t work from floor height, take great care and ensure you use proper steps instead of climbing on chairs or other furniture to reach across.

Doing it on a sunny day is best as it will show up any streaks to stop you leaving more of a smeary mess than when you started.

If you've got window shutters, it's may be a good idea to take them down and clean the shutters first before tackling your windows.

5. Organise ornaments

Whether you’re a committed collector of knick-knacks, or just have the odd photo frame or keepsake on display, now is the perfect time to reorganise.

Take everything down from its home and give it a clean with polish, a dry duster or simply a damp cloth.

Clearing shelves and mantelpieces in this way might give you new ideas on how to arrange items or inspire you to invest in a new piece of furniture, such as a dresser or sideboard, to keep them looking smart.

After all, if you’ve put in the effort with a spring clean, you can afford to reward yourself and add a bit of style to your spick and span rooms.


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