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How to make a statement with your lighting

Lighting is often one of the most underrated aspects of a stylish room. There are a whole host of looks that can be created and moods achieved, through statement lighting.
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It can be fun and playful, not to mention artistic, allowing you to create an abundance of different atmospheres. When choosing your lighting fixture, you have the capability of changing the look of a space completely and refreshing your interior in an easily achievable way.

At Furniture Village we want you to be able to make a style statement with your lighting, so we’ve gathered together a few helpful tips for you to utilise. Whether you’re looking for a classic or contemporary style, read on to learn how to make your living space more luxurious than ever.

Pendant lighting

A beautiful and elegant pendant light can be used in a variety of ways. If you are looking for a way to create atmospheric lighting in the dining room, consider your layout first before deciding on a light. Do you have a long and rectangular dining table? If so, opt for two separate pendant lights, to help spread the ambience across the room rather than isolating it to one side. For those with a smaller dining room who may have opted for a round dining table, a single large pendant light would be a beautiful focal point to the room.

Of course it isn’t just the dining room that can benefit from pendant lights, they can have a big impact in living rooms too. To create an impressive visual to draw the eye of all your guests, try having a large low hanging pendant light such as our Allure Pendant. Its chaos inspired design in a chrome or copper finish is a beautiful feature to any room, especially when paired with a contemporary aesthetic.

Floor lamps

The beauty of floor lamps is their manoeuvrability. As their positions are never fixed, you are free to move them around to achieve your perfect ambient lighting and if you ever feel the urge for a change, it’s something you are able to do quickly and easily. There are many different styles when it comes to floor lamps, each with their own attributions. A standing chandelier diffracts light and projects an outward shimmer in all directions, whereas a tripod floor lamp offers a spotlight effect allowing you to focus your lighting. The iconic look of these lamps will certainly make a statement within your home.

Table lamps

Table lights may be small, but they have a huge style impact and add to the interior of any room. Bold shapes and silhouettes can define your statement, from industrial inspired wooden and steel meshed lampshades, to gorgeously distinctive black and chrome tapered bases. Here you have the chance to add bold textures and colour to your décor to really make a statement. Just like floor lamps, table lamps also have the ability to be moved around if you fancy a change in the ambience or area of the room that is lit up.


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