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Gorgeous grey living room furniture

Grey is the colour of the moment – it’s both fashionable and versatile. With so many hues, it works well with both neutral and vibrant shades. Cool, dramatic charcoals will give you a modern feel, while grey with warmer tones leans towards classic and vintage. Here are our favourite home styling tips and grey living room furniture ideas to help you get the most from on-trend grey.
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Duresta Grey pillow back fabric sofa

Mix up those greys

There are lots of different greys out there, so be sure to mix it up in your living room. Sticking to one particular grey, or shades that are very similar, will make the room seem dull and flat. Avoid this, if you're layering greys, by choosing one shade as a base colour on the walls, another for your grey living room furniture, and a different one again for your accessories.

With the walls, opt for a matte grey paint, as anything too glossy will give an industrial metal effect. Unlike matte white, a matte grey actually hides marks and imperfections quite well. A cream coloured skirting board or cornice, rather than stark white or a pebble grey, will set it off nicely too. And as you introduce cushions, throws and accessories to vary those greys even more, remember that lighting can help. Grey is the colour of shadow, so multiple light sources, from table lamps to sconces, will add even more depth and warmth.



Try a grey feature wall or mural

Rather than painting every wall in your new favourite shade, you could pick just one to turn into a feature wall. This could even work as a backdrop for your grey living room furniture, painted a matching or complementary hue, with accessories bringing in the accent colours.

There are no rules with a feature wall or mural - keep it simple and elegant, or be bold. Paint a chimney breast or the wall and shelving in your chosen colour, try a vibrant grey-based wallpaper, or make your own picture or photo gallery on a single grey wall. Dark greys suit a moody, modern room, with softer greys perfect for that classic, vintage look. A print will add texture and depth, which can be useful when working with a limited colour palette.


Add contrast to grey living room furniture with colourful accessories

Picking a darker shade for your walls or your grey living room furniture is a great way to bring out bright colours, which you can introduce through your choice of accessories. And you don’t need to stop at a few small items – a blue armchair or vivid red scatter cushions will make an even bolder statement.

Scandi style grey sofa with bright cushions
Chill Cushion

A vibrant yellow, pink or green works well with grey, while a soft grey with pastels can be a pretty combination. You could even try a metallics, such as gold or rose-gold copper, think picture or mirror frames or the legs of a console table or coffee table. Metallics and an accent colour can work together with grey, as long as nothing detracts from the overall sparkle and shine of the metals.

Black and white complement grey too, creating a stylish monochrome look. Use a pale grey as a base colour to get the most from this look, then build up with dark grey and black-and-white accessories, such as rugs, picture frames, shelving and lighting.


Introduce inviting pattern and texture

Stop the grey furniture in your living room feeling too sterile with an array of textures and patterns. Introduce furry cushions and super-soft blankets to make the space feel warm and inviting, and ready to snuggle up in.

The right curtains, a statement rug and chunky weaves in varying grey fabrics will help too, and you can take it further with natural materials such as rattan or wicker. Grey washed wood, driftwood and smooth ceramics can steer the room towards a lived-in coastal scheme, which works perfectly with weathered-wood furniture.

Metals can introduce a cool, industrial feel, or for a luxury look consider marble – with its grey swirls on white, it will feel right at home in a grey living room. Metallics can be included through furniture legs and other accessories, and for marble look for console tables or side tables that feature it as the main surface – keep it bare or use it to showcase books and accessories.


Ranger Console
Modern grey sofa bed against grey wall

The perfect grey living room sofa

When choosing grey furniture for your living room, you will find a great deal of choice in terms of sofas. This is a very fashionable colour right now, so grey sofas are available is just about every size and style, from two-seaters to corner sofas, with fabric and leather options.

The size and configuration will rely on your available space, so think about how and where you want the sofa to sit, and how you plan to make the most out of it. Painting the wall behind the same colour, then using coloured cushions and throws is one way to bring it to life. Or use the sofa as part of a grey palette, with varying shades for the wall behind and the accessories to create a contemporary feel.


Grey painted sideboards and storage

Gone are the days when white sideboards or shelving were the popular options for your living room. Grey living room furniture will give your space a modern edge, with storage units or TV stands an easy way to introduce more shades and build your theme. Consider the materials being used too. A grey metallic shelf or a painted or dry-brushed sideboard will add their own effect. Varying textures adds warmth and depth, and can guide the overall look towards industrial, Scandi or coastal, depending on your preference. Grey is very popular with the Nordic look currently, with lamp tables, shelving of various heights and styles, and other accessories, all making use of this colour to create a welcome, calming environment. Floor-to-ceiling bookshelves painted grey, with a matching shade on the walls, give the room texture and intrigue.


Open metal and wood industrial shelving
Ultra modern round glass coffee table

Grey ottomans and coffee tables

No sofa purchase is complete without an ottoman or coffee table to sit in front of it. Both can be handy for storage, or putting your feet up, and can complement the other grey furniture in your living room beautifully.

Like a footstool, the ottoman can be used as extra seating, should you suddenly find yourself overrun with visitors. Purchase a version with built-in storage, and you have somewhere to hideaway knick-knacks, blankets and cushions when they are no longer needed. With a model that matches the fabric or leather of your sofa, the grey theme is enhanced too.

But a coffee table holds just as much appeal, with metallic or grey wooden legs working well. Add a touch of luxury by opting for one with a grey marble top, with the grey swirls helping to bring more texture and depth to the room. Or go for a table with a clear or smoky glass top, which will complement a grey theme and works particularly well in smaller rooms, adopting a ‘less is more’ approach.



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