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Style your home with grey

Versatile, beautiful, incredibly chic and sophisticated – no wonder grey is the neutral of choice in the world of interiors. And with an extensive palette of warmer-toned and cooler-hued greys to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect one for your home.
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Gorgeous grey sofas

Just as a grey wall is a neutral canvas for any space, a grey sofa works with many different colour schemes and décor styles. Take a luxe grey fabric corner sofa and pile it with luxuriously comfy cushions. You can pair grey cushions with subtle or bold colours for a softer or more vibrant look.

If a grey corner sofa feels like a step too far, go for a mix of grey and beige, or a grey shade of taupe.


grey-sofa grey-sofa-detail_2
Grey Sofas
Grey Dining Table & Chairs grey-dining-table-chairs-set_2

Grey layered on grey

A carefully chosen piece of grey furniture looks fantastic against a dark grey statement wall. Layering different greys or contrasting textures in a similar palette is incredibly classy, subtle and trend-leading. While this look suits any room, the layered grey look is particularly stylish in a dining room. There is something very chic about a grey dining table and chairs set against grey walls. Continue the layering with wall art, lighting and rugs for a sophisticated, grownup dining space.


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Sleep beautifully with touchable soft greys

Pale greys in warm or cool tones are restful in the bedroom, making the most of natural daylight. A luxuriously upholstered grey divan bed becomes a focal point. A wooden bedframe and bedside cabinet pop against a grey wall and the grey brings out the texture and warmth of the natural wood.

Accessories add texture and interest, so layer on the cosiness with soft rugs, velvety cushions and knitted throws.


Grey Divan Bed
Grey Accessories

Add a touch of grey with our beautiful accessories

A piece of abstract wall art in grey tones sits beautifully above a modern sideboard, while a lamp with a dark grey shade complements a marble console table or oak lamp table. A silky grey cushion or geometric grey rug will add a splash of warmth and sophistication for a restful, tranquil look.



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