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Voluptuous velvets

The luxurious softness of velvet adds real comfort to a home. The rich feel of velvet is both sensual and warm and can elevate an ordinary interior into the extraordinary. By simply incorporating voluptuous velvets into a design scheme you can instantly create a sense of opulence and drama
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There’s something about velvet furniture that just says luxury. Its thick pile feels sumptuous, it’s so soft to the touch and it lends itself to all kinds of upholstery from sofas to dining room chairs to curtains. For the uninitiated, velvet is a style of fabric – the name refers to a fabric with a deep and dense pile – and it can be made of both natural and synthetics fibres. This makes it very versatile and also means that while it always looks luxurious, velvet doesn’t have to be expensive or high maintenance.

The velvet family of fabrics also includes velour and crushed velvet. Velour is a knitted fabric and, like velvet, can be made from both natural and synthetic fibres. It’s plush like velvet but has a shorter, denser pile which ensures that velour furniture is wonderfully soft to the touch.

Crushed velvet has a distinctive multi-directional pile which creates an iridescent effect of different tones and shades throughout the fabric. It’s a little less formal than traditional velvet and as such a crushed velvet sofa or a crushed velvet recliner chair might be a good choice for you if your interior style is more on the contemporary side.

So, if you’re drawn to this most desirable of fabrics in all its many forms, here’s how to use velvet throughout your home.

A vibrant velvet sofa in the living room

Velvet can’t help but make a statement and a Furniture Village velvet sofa is the most dramatic statement of all. Whether you pick a contemporary style, low backed and deeply cushioned, or a traditional Chesterfield with fabulous buttoning and scroll arms, velvet upholstery shows off every curve and line beautifully. Even a compact sofa, simple and modern, is instantly transformed into sumptuous seating when it’s covered in velvet.

Velvet is available in all kinds of colours. Choose a bright jewel tone like amethyst or sapphire for high volume luxury, or pick a soft neutral grey or taupe and create a calm haven of quiet opulence.


Sumptuous velvet dining chairs in the dining room

If you love the look but aren’t quite ready to go full velvet, smaller pieces upholstered in this fantastic fabric can set an instant style tone in any room.

Dining chairs with seat pads covered in velvet elevate even a humble dining into something rather luxurious. Mix and match velvet chair colours and give your dining room a confident and contemporary feel – being bold with colour combinations is an easy way to counterbalance the perhaps slightly traditional feel that velvet can sometimes have. Remember to choose your velvet carefully, and opt for one that’s easy care or washableespecially in a room where spills are more likely.


Gorgeous velvet bedsteads in the bedroom

If your living room tastes tend toward the more restrained, give yourself permission to create a bedroom that feels a little bit more luxurious. A divan bed and headboard upholstered in velvet makes for a beautiful focal point in any bedroom, and is so soft and comfortable to rest against as you read before bed. Choose soft neutral colours that support your contemporary aesthetic, or try something completely different in a dark magenta or midnight blue for a touch of drama.

If a velvet bed feels like too much of a style departure, a velvet accent chair is the perfect way of bringing a pop of colour and texture into any bedroom, and a handful of velvet scatter cushions strewn across you bed can make your bedroom feel luxuriously comfortable in an instant.

At Furniture Village you’ll find sofas and armchairs, as well bedsteads and dining room seating, from all the leading velvet and crushed velvet sofa suppliers. So give in to luxury and relax on voluptuous velvet.


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