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22 long living room ideas

It's rare that any room has the perfect dimensions for your style preferences. Long living rooms in particular make furniture placement tricky, and it can be harder to achieve that cosy, comfy feel. However, there are ways to make your space work for you – 22 in fact!

1. Divide your space

While long living rooms can feel impractical, they do offer a fantastic opportunity to divide your space into separate zones. Creating different living areas in your lounge will help to widen your room visually, as well as creating an inviting space to explore.


2. Break things up with a smaller sofa

A small, cosy sofa is the best friend of your long living room. Add a pretty coffee table to create a welcoming space you’ll look forward to relaxing in solo or raising a glass with a loved one.

3. Create the illusion of a separate space

Long narrow living rooms are full of possibilities. Try placing a tall and narrow console table behind your dividing sofa, this will really emphasise that this is a distinct area of the room and give it its own identity.


4. Bring dining to your living room

On the other side of a dividing sofa, a dining table gives long living rooms a new purpose. Steer clear of chunky, oversized dining furniture, instead choosing elegant lines to create a feeling of flow.

5. Set aside a cosy corner

Create a cosy reading nook by introducing a small armchair and bookcase into your long living room. Embrace the digital detox and ensure it’s placed out of sight of your TV.


6. Establish a walkway

Walkways are essential for creating a comfortable living room that flows. A straight walkway through the middle of the room is a practical choice, drawing the eye inwards and making the room feel cosier.

7. Make a clear path

An alternative option is an ‘S’ shaped walkway with living areas placed diagonally on opposite sides of the room. This is a great choice for ‘opening up’ your living room, making it feel spacious and airy.


8. Put it to the side

Another idea for your long living room is to place your walkway to one side, preventing your living room from feeling like a bowling alley. A beautiful side table adds the perfect finishing touch.

9. Go central

Try placing dominant furniture centrally. For example, place your sofas, coffee table, and television in the middle of the space. Then on the shorter walls, introduce tall bookshelves or display cases to draw the eye inwards to the centre of the room, making it feel squarer than it really is.


10. Choose the right sofa

The focus of any living room should be the sofa, but proportion is key. Too large and it’ll feel cumbersome, too small and it’ll look lost. Use our handy sofa sizer to find the perfect dimensions.

11. Embrace the corner sofa

When thinking about long living room styling, consider a corner sofa. Corner sofas make your space work hard – creating a comfy corner to stretch out in, while maximising floor space.


12. Try out a chaise sofa

Don’t have the width for a corner sofa? Consider a chaise sofa, super comfy with space to stretch out your back or enjoy a nice book. And they look beautiful too.

13. Make it feel bigger

Flex your long living room with seating that makes the most of your available space. Not enough room for a traditional 3-seater? Try a chi-chi 2-seater sofa or a couple of cuddle chairs.


14. Or make it feel smaller and cosier

Instead of a traditional coffee table, consider introducing a large ottoman or footstool. It’s not only super stylish but a practical solution for an airy long living room. It softens the gaps and adds texture to your space.

15. Utilise storage

When putting together your long living room ideas, storage should be at the forefront of your mind. It ensures that everything has its place and helps to create a cosy and welcoming lounge. Clutter and everyday knick-knacks will make your room feel overcrowded and small, so be sure to include plenty of functional storage options.


16. Give the TV stand a new meaning

Go for a television stand with storage. These are perfect for instant decluttering - storing remotes, magazines, game controllers, and other items you wouldn’t necessarily want on show.

17. Repurpose your coffee table

A coffee table with storage is another wonderful way of including dual-purpose furniture in your space. Perfect for storing objects, books and other favourite pieces close to hand, choose long, low silhouettes to elongate your long living room and make it feel cosier.


18. Let it shine

Make the most of the natural light you have. The key is to get as much light as possible into your space. Place a mirror opposite a window and you'll make a long and narrow room feel wider in an instant.

19. Light the way

Floor lamps work really well, particularly when placed in the corners of your room. Try to include plenty of other lamps too, as well as overhead lighting. The lighter your long living room is, the wider it will appear.


20. Create height

Try to create as much height as possible in your living room. Hang your curtains at ceiling height rather than at window height, this creates the illusion that your ceilings are much taller than they really are. Invest in floor-to-ceiling bookcases or tall display cases to create a sense of height and space.

21. Use colour to create space

Your long living room is the perfect playground to experiment with colour. On longer walls, use neutral or pale hues, then on the shorter walls, choose a slightly darker colour or statement shade. Strong colours create real impact and help your space to feel squarer and more in proportion.


22. Break up lines and shapes

Long living rooms tend to be angular so wherever possible, try to soften the edges by adding in a round coffee table or side table. If you intend to have a dining area in your living room, think about choosing a round dining table rather than one with a square or rectangle shape.

We hope you've enjoyed our long narrow living room ideas. With the right placement of your furniture and a few tricks with lighting, paint, and mirrors you can create a room that feels less hall-like and more cosy and comfortable. Share your thoughts and snaps with #MYFVHOME on Instagram for a chance to be featured on our feed.

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