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The top 7 colours for your dining room

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Finding the perfect colour scheme for your dining room can be hard. If you’re lost in a kaleidoscope of colours, don’t panic – we’re here to show you the way to your dream dining room


1. White

Reminiscent of Mediterranean homes, white gives your space a fresh, open feel, which is perfect for relaxed feasting with family and friends.

If your dining room is a bit dingy, white can really help to brighten it up by reflecting light around the space. Try painting your walls and ceiling a crisp white or soften it with a slight off-white like Wevet from Farrow & Ball. Maximise the white’s reflective properties by hanging mirrors on walls opposite light sources to further bounce light around.

With a white dining room, you run the risk of it looking cold. Inject some energy and warmth back into it through earthy tones like terracotta and rust. These warming hues will revitalise the space and keep it from looking stark. Look to soft furnishings and accessories to bring these colours in to really up the cosiness; think seat covers, wall hangings, and if your guests are tidy eaters, a rug under the table will dampen the white and provide acoustic softening, too.


2. Pink

Although it’s not the most obvious choice, a pink dining room works beautifully. People tend to be put off by bolder hues, but there are plenty of pinks to suit every taste.


If you’re afraid of committing to a bold pink, why not go for a pastel pink dining room? Pink Ground from Farrow & Ball is a beautiful colour that will give your dining room some real warmth without completely taking over the space. Pair it with a complementary white or other neutral dining table for a relaxed look with just a touch of refined elegance.


3. Grey

Chic and versatile, grey makes a fantastic base colour for a dining room. It’s a great shade to build a palette on, whether that’s in paint, wallpaper, or the colour of your furnishings, like accessories and upholstery.

Want an intimate vibe for your grey dining room? Paint your walls and ceiling the same shade to give it a cosy, closed-off feel. Looking for an eye-catching design? Use different shades of grey in a striped or block pattern to really make your decorating skills pop.


4. Blue

Blue dining rooms can make for a calm, sophisticated space when done right. Just be careful not to go too cool with it to avoid making the space uninviting to guests. If you pick the right hue, you can make it warm and welcoming; find blues with plenty of yellow undertones and avoid giving your guests the chills.


Combining yellow with blue is a fresh, modern style that looks great in a dining room. Choose hues that are similar in warmth and tone, for example a deep navy with brassy yellow lighting, or an eggshell blue with pastel yellows. Look for yellow tones in fabrics and woods too; these can subtly lift a dark or cool blue to the next level.


5. Neutral

Don’t make the mistake of thinking neutral means boring. With the right design and clever use of textures, patterns, and accessories, a neutral dining room can have just as much impact as a room full of bright jewel tones.

To make the most of a neutral dining room, keep colour to an absolute minimum. Go for a lighter wooden dining table and dining chairs, then use understated accessories like prints and wall hangings to tie it all together.


6. Yellow

Yellow is a top choice for a vibrant and energetic dining room. Yellow dining rooms brim with positive vibes, perfect for relaxing your guests and getting the conversation flowing.

Although not exactly a classic choice for dining rooms, it’s a contemporary favourite, and is ideal for saturating your space with warmth. If you want a welcoming dining space for your next dinner party, yellow may just be the answer.

A deep, sunshine yellow like Citron from Farrow & Ball is sure to lighten up the mood. Or if you’re looking for a little more sophistication, a slightly darker shade like India Yellow is just the ticket. Just think about the vibe you want for your yellow dining room and pick accordingly.


7. Green

If you’re looking to create a calming ambience in your dining room, green dining rooms are a fabulous choice. Whether you go for bright greens like shamrock or pear, or opt for something more subdued like mint or sage, green is great for relaxing guests.

If you have a smaller space to work with, using a pale, light green hue can go a long way in keeping it feeling spacious. For bonus points, bring in natural materials like wood, jute, and earthenware to give your green dining room an outdoorsy vibe.


There are so many beautiful colours to choose from for your dining room. Whatever you go for, we’d love to see them, so tag us on Instagram using #MYFVHOME for a chance to be featured on our official page! Looking for more home Inspo? Check out these other articles:

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