Upholstered furniture care guide

An upholstered piece of furniture, like a sofa or armchair or even a bed, is one of the biggest purchases you make for your home. Take good care of it and it will keep looking like the day it was delivered.

In this guide you’ll find lots of good advice and handy tips for caring for your fabric and leather upholstered furniture, protecting it from harm, and keeping it clean.

Looking after your furniture

Seat and back cushions

In the first three to six months of use, you can expect some settlement of your seat and back cushions. Foam cushions will compress by 10% to 15%, and feather or fibre cushions by 10% to 20%.

Keep your cushions in beautiful condition by plumping and straightening them daily, and rotating them regularly. Here’s how:

How to plump cushions

Place the seat cushion on the floor with the zip facing upwards.

With the flat of your hand, strike it firmly four times on its edge.

Rotate the seat cushion and repeat the process on all four edges.

Feather and fibre seat cushions should be plumped daily.

How to straighten cushions

Hold the seat cushion at the edge of the zip border.

Shake the seat cushion downwards four times.

Seat cushions should be straightened on a regular basis.

How to rotate cushions

Take the left hand seat cushion and switch it to the right hand seat.

Move the right hand seat cushion to the left hand seat.

Seat cushions should be rotated on a regular basis.

Add accidental damage cover

While everything at Furniture Village comes with a 20 year quality guarantee, It's worth asking about our Care+ Protect policy for your bed or mattress. This worthwhile insurance plan will cover your new bed and mattress against any accidental damage.

The Furniture Village 20-year structural guarantee

At Furniture Village, every single item we sell is built to last and fit to withstand everyday life. That’s why all our sofas and beds, and all dining and bedroom furniture comes with our free 20-year structural guarantee. So you can buy with confidence – and enjoy your furniture for years to come.
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