Bed and mattress care guide

Found your perfect bed? Make sure it stays comfortable for longer by following our bed care and mattress care guidelines. You’ll find plenty of useful advice on prolonging the life of your bed and mattress and how to clean a mattress, plus the top ten signs that you might be due to replace your bed or mattress.

Your bed and mattress care questions answered

Q: What type of mattress lasts the longest?

A: Mattresses are designed and constructed to offer many years of faithful service – as long as they’re looked after properly. No one type of mattress lasts longer than another, but some people feel that mattresses with natural fillings like latex mattresses have the edge.

Q: Why do I need to turn and rotate my mattress?

A: Turning a mattress helps the fillings settle evenly, and rotating it ensures that your mattress won’t have excessive wear and tear in specific spots. Both are easy ways to make sure that your mattress wears evenly and lasts longer. But remember, turning and rotating is usually a two-person job – especially if yours is a super king size mattress.

Q: I’ve found my dream bed frame – it’s sleigh style, buttoned and beautifully upholstered. Will it require any special type of bed care?

A: Just like any type of upholstered furniture, your new bed frame needs gentle cleaning as dust and dirt can cause fabric to wear out prematurely. Take care of it by brushing very gently with a soft brush or vacuuming using the curtain attachment of your vacuum cleaner.

Q: How long should a mattress last?

A: The general rule of thumb is about seven years. But this entirely depends on the quality of your mattress and how well you’ve looked after it. Keeping it clean and making sure you turn and rotate it on a regular basis can make a real difference. To learn how to clean a mattress, see the Bed maintenance section of this guide.

Q: I’m thinking about getting a bed base with storage drawers. Is there anything I need to know about the care and maintenance of this kind of bed?

A: If you’re short on bedroom storage space, a divan bed with storage can be a great solution as they don’t take up any more room than a standard bed base but obviously have hidden advantages! If you need even more storage consider an ottoman storage bed. Remember, that both storage drawers and ottoman storage spaces are designed for relatively lightweight items like duvets and pillows.

Q: My new memory foam mattress has a chemical smell. Will this go away?

A: Yes. This smell is called off-gassing and is the result of a normal chemical reaction in the materials that are used to make memory foam mattresses. While not particularly pleasant, this smell is not harmful and should go away fairly quickly as long as you thoroughly air your new mattress before use. See the After purchasing section of this bed and mattress care guide for more information.

Q: It’s time for a new mattress but I’m not sure where to start. Help!

A: Choosing a new mattress can be daunting but we’re here to make it as easy as possible. It’s important to know what kind of sleeper you are – front, side or back – as this can help refine your options. The Furniture Village mattress buying guide has lots of good information about sleeper types, kinds of mattresses and how to find the one that’s right for you.

Q: I love my new mattress but it was quite expensive. How can I protect my investment and make sure it lasts for years?

A: Congratulations on finding your perfect mattress. As you say, taking care of it now can help ensure that you enjoy it for years to come. The manufacturer's care guidelines will probably have plenty of advice about cleaning it, or you can take a look at the Care and cleaning section of this guide. There are also a few things you can do to guard against unnecessary damage. First, make sure you use a high-quality mattress protector. Also, remember not to jump on your new mattress or even sit on its edges. And finally, if you have a slatted bed base, consider putting a second mattress protector between the slats and the underside of your new mattress to protect the cover against wear and tear.