Bed and mattress care guide

Found your perfect bed? Make sure it stays comfortable for longer by following our bed care and mattress care guidelines. You’ll find plenty of useful advice on prolonging the life of your bed and mattress and how to clean a mattress, plus the top ten signs that you might be due to replace your bed or mattress.

Protecting your bed or mattress

Your new bed or mattress has been carefully crafted to offer years of service. Avoiding damage in the first place is the very best way to take care of it.

If you’re transporting your mattress or even moving it into a different room, be sure to carry it carefully. Never bend or twist your mattress as this can damage the internal structure.

Mattress care tip: be sure to carry your mattress flat or on its side.

For the best mattress care, never stand on your mattress – however tempting it might be if you’re changing a lightbulb in your ceiling light – or allow children to jump on the bed. Excess concentrated weight and movement can permanently damage a mattress’s internal structure.

Many mattresses have firmer springs along their sides. Known as edge support, this feature is designed to allow you to maximise your bed’s full width for sleeping. It’s not intended to make your bed easier to sit on as this can compromise its structure.

An affordable mattress protector does more than make your mattress more comfortable and better insulated. It can also help keep it free of stains and reduce the number of dust mites in your bed – a must if you suffer from allergies.

Consider using thick padding or an extra mattress protector to place over the slats of your bed frame. This will help reduce wear and tear on the underside of your mattress and protect its cover. This is especially important if yours is a turnable two-sided mattress.

Everything we sell comes with our 20-year structural guarantee. For beds and mattresses, this covers frames and springs. For additional cover against accidental and structural damage, opt for an affordable Care+ Protect plan.