Storage furniture buying guide

Read the Furniture Village storage furniture buying guide for everything from beds with storage to slider wardrobes.

Measure up

As with all furniture, make sure you measure the space available and then all three dimensions of the storage furniture. If you have a smaller room, look for shallower sideboards and bookshelves, and multifunctional furniture with storage such as ottoman footstools and coffee tables with storage.

Choose tall and narrow storage for tight spaces

In smaller rooms, to maximise storage, choose storage furniture that’s tall and narrow that fits into alcoves or tight corners. In larger rooms, you can afford the luxury of lower and wider storage furniture.

Take doors and drawers into account when measuring

When you are measuring your storage furniture, also take into account drawers and doors being open, and make sure that there is still enough available space. In a bedroom, you don’t want wardrobe doors to hit the edge of a bed, for example. Equally, you want to be able to open drawers fully without space being too tight.

Get it in proportion

Don’t overcrowd a room with overly large storage furniture. There are plenty of compact options that will give you storage but not take up too much space.