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5 easy bedroom storage solutions.

Storage is one of those things that everyone wants but nobody ever seems to quite have enough of. Whether you’re living in a one-bedroom flat or have a big family home, we all accumulate plenty of ‘stuff’ over time and there can never be enough places to keep it.
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This needn’t be an issue. You can get smart with the furniture you buy and invest in hard-working, dual-functioning pieces from storage beds to ottoman stools. Make the most of your bedroom and you won’t ever have to worry about having enough storage space again. Here are our top tips...

1. Invest in an ottoman bed

An ottoman bed is a small bedroom’s dream. Whether stowing last season’s wardrobe or your collection of spare bedlinen, the space underneath the bed can be so underused. The great thing about ottoman or divan storage beds isn’t just that they banish clutter. Instead of obvious drawers on the side of beds, many modern ottomans feature sleek, concealed drawer panels or mattresses that lift up to allow you easy access to what’s underneath. They’re discreet and roomy, meaning you can hide all sorts of non-essentials under your mattress and nobody will be any the wiser.

We love the Hypnos Amira Hashish Med Divan Set for the ultimate in opulence, style and comfort.

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2. Add some luxe storage with a dressing table

An easy hack for a little extra bedroom storage is a dressing table. Functional as a place to get ready for work or an evening out, many dressing tables also offer additional storage space. What’s more, a smart, sleek design can bring a really luxurious feel to your bedroom.

Big or small, modern or traditional, a dressing table can prove invaluable in keeping so many of those smaller items in one place while providing an elegant and stylish place to get ready.

3. The working wardrobe

If you don’t think you’ve got enough space for a wardrobe, think again. Modern wardrobes are available in a much wider range of sizes and shapes than ever. Slim, tall wardrobes are ideal for awkward spaces while bigger, sliding wardrobes may actually work in your favour as they can be integrated and therefore create the illusion of more space (especially those with mirrors on the front).

We love the Laguna 2 Door Slider Wardrobe with Lights - a contemporary option for modern bedrooms.


4. Top drawer: invest in a chest of drawers**

Think of narrow, tall chest of drawers’ like building blocks to the perfect storage. They’re ideal for homes where space is at a premium as they fit beautifully in tight spaces. While wider, lower drawers of course allow maximum storage potential. Investing in some drawer dividers can also help to make the most of and organise the space you have, and you might even want to swap your desk or dressing table for a larger drawer unit that can perform the function of both.

5. Bedside cabinets: easy storage for essentials

Small but super functional, a bedside table is an invaluable storage option for your bedroom. Invest in a bedside table with one, two or three-drawers to really get the most out of your room. And remember that bedside tables look good in pairs, so don’t be afraid to double up - it’s an easy way to gain twice as much storage space. It can be tempting to use these just for books and bedside essentials but we recommend making them a dedicated spot for essential items you use every morning - everything from cosmetics and toiletries to important letters or stationery.

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Rebecca Maloy, Beds Buyer
Rebecca Maloy Beds Buyer


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