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7 Beautiful Blue Bedroom Ideas

If you feel all at sea when it comes to decorating your bedroom, you’re not alone. Trying to decide on a colour scheme can be tricky, but we think our beautiful blue bedroom ideas can help you out of your design quandary. Taking inspiration from places as varied as the British seaside and the Art Deco movement, each blue bedroom idea highlights the best of this versatile, calming shade for beautiful spaces you can really relax in. Venture into the blue with us and read on to discover how this serene colour can work in your home.
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Blue bedroom idea – blue velvet armchair

1. Feel the Blues: Calm spaces

The colour blue evokes many different feelings and moods in us. From inducing calm and quiet to replicating the peaceful vistas of seascapes and flowing rivers – it can even slow down our heart rate. Blue’s still and serene qualities make it the perfect colour to introduce to our bedrooms, especially with our busy, modern lives. If you want to improve your sleep quality, chill-out in peace and discover real relaxation, blue is the way to go. Sleep easy in a beautifully upholstered blue divan bed. Choose a rich velvet fabric or keep things classic with a painted blue bed frame in duck egg blue. Or introduce light blue touches with baby blue curtains and bedding. However you introduce blue to your bedroom, you’ll notice a difference in your mood as you relax in the calm ambience of your beautiful, tranquil sleep sanctuary.


2. Fresh Country: Pastel blues with cream

A pastel blue look promises fresh and laid-back style for your bedroom. Relaxed and understated, this gentle colour scheme opens up your space and creates a light and airy feel, ideal for bedrooms that are on the smaller side. Choose a powder blue divan bed upholstered in a rich velvet or fabric and pair it with a selection of classic cream furniture. A cream chest of drawers and a pair of cream bedside cabinets will set-off the mellow-toned blue of your bed beautifully and invite a calming, fresh appeal to your space. Alternatively, you can opt for a cream bed frame for an alpine touch and decorate with pastel blue accents. Try a selection of beautifully designed scatter pillows in a sky blue shade and adorn a bedside cabinet with a delicate blue vase. This pretty blue bedroom idea brims with traditional and nonchalant design you can enjoy to your heart’s content.

Blue bedroom idea – blue upholstered bed frame
Blue bedroom idea – wall art of jetty

3. Scandi Seaside: Light blue and white

If you like to be beside the seaside, then you’ll love our next blue bedroom look inspired by Britain’s coastline. Ice creams, picnics and sand between your toes - the seaside conjures up plenty of happy memories, and a bedroom inspired by the coast will do just the same. The calm and peaceful tones of light blue promise a warm and inviting space you’ll love relaxing in. Have a mix of white and light blue walls and add a white bed frame with light blue bedding. You could even create a beach hut inspired feel with a blue and white striped statement wall. Next, add a white chest of drawers and decorate with a piece of wall art. Choose a watercolour seaside scene, dramatic coastal landscape or an abstract wave design for a subtle nod to your seaside inspiration and to unite your colour scheme. Explore your favourite aspects of the seaside and get creative with this coastal-inspired blue and white bedroom idea.


4. Blue Velvet: Bold, stormy blues with gold

For a gorgeous and lavishly decorated bedroom, try this romantic and decadent look with authentic design roots in the Art Deco movement. Pair rich and stormy blues with delicate touches of gold and create a luxurious bedroom interior to indulge in. Choose dark blue shades inspired by the deep blue for a dramatic and stormy feel. Add an elegantly crafted dressing table and a blue velvet accent armchair for a cosy corner to retreat to. Then, introduce gold accents throughout. Try a beautifully crafted gold clock or an opulent gold floor lamp. Make waves with this striking Art Deco look and revel in dark blue luxury.


Blue bedroom idea – white dressing table
Blue bedroom idea – pale blue divan bed

5. Antique Luxury: Navy blue and dark wood

Dramatic and opulent, this navy blue bedroom idea takes the antique aesthetic to a different level. Choose a beautifully upholstered divan or ottoman bed in a rich navy colour for a decadent and striking centrepiece. Then, begin to add in dark wood furniture – mahogany works particularly well here. Opt for a dark wood wardrobe and a matching dressing table with elegantly curved legs. You can even get creative with a navy statement wall to make your dark wood furniture really stand out. Navy blue and dark wood furniture can feel heavy, so be sure to add subtle touches of white to keep your space feeling open. Dramatic and regal, feel indulged in a bespoke and original bedroom that highlights the dark beauty of navy.

6. A modern touch: Sky blue with grey

Create a modern relaxation haven oozing with sophistication by pairing sky blue and grey together in this beautiful blue bedroom idea. Perfect for pared-back, minimalist design- lovers, this look is all about the beautiful marriage of sky blue and grey. Mimicking the fresh and open feel of a clear summer sky, this look is clean and simple. Add a soft and plush rug next to a sky blue or grey double bed and you’re over half way to your very own oasis of calm. Next, add a semi-fitted sliding wardrobe with mirrored doors for a space-opening effect and you have a bedroom brimming with fresh, open-air simplicity.


Blue bedroom idea – blue patterned rug
Blue bedroom idea – white slatted bed frame

7. Spare bedroom chic: Blue walls

If you’re struggling for spare room ideas, consider decorating with a shade of blue. From duck egg to cornflower and dusky indigos to light azure, this pretty, versatile and calming colour spectrum offers the perfect solution for your walls. You want your spare room to be inviting, relaxed and cosy and, with blue, you won’t have to spend ages making it this way – the colour does all the work. Simply add a comfy double bed with a couple of soft scatter pillows and a small wardrobe for your guests’ clothes and let your beautiful blue walls shine.

We hope that you feel inspired by our blue bedroom ideas. For more home styling tips, visit our Home of Inspiration.


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