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#LovetheLook - Create the Minimal Look

“I love minimalist styles but I have so much clutter, I could never make it work.”
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The minimalist look is beautiful - clean lines, clear surfaces and clutter-free. Unfortunately though, as soon as disorder creeps in, the look is spoilt. If (like us) you find it impossible to attain minimalist perfection, we have some tips for creating the look in just one room of your home.

The bedroom

The bedroom is not only the easiest room to banish distractions from, but also one of the most beneficial. A clear, zen bedroom will improve your sleep and clear your mind.

Start by taking a long hard look at your bedroom. What do you need? Clearly a bed and wardrobe space will come top of your list, but do you need a dressing table? Or do you actually do your make up in the bathroom every morning? Do you need to have the clutter on your bedside table next to you as you sleep, or is it just a convenient resting place? If it doesn’t need to be there, rehome it.

Get organised

The key to achieving clutter-free nirvana in your bedroom is to take everything you need - with the exception of the bed - and create your own multi-functional organising system. Start by creating a wall of sleek wardrobes. Look at the Welle High 5, which offers a space-saving sliding door in a variety of colours, or the Kingsley range, which comes in a variety of widths to help you fill the whole wall.

As well as clothing, use the wardrobes to conceal all your clutter – from your laundry basket to your hairdryer, even the bedroom TV if you have one - on a shelf, so it’s nicely hidden away once the doors are closed.

Add matching bedside tables with drawers and remember to keep their tops clutter-free. Put books, gadgets and anything else inside the drawers - a beautiful bedside lamp and a glass of water should be the only things out on display if you want to achieve a truly minimal look.

Don’t forget the bed

Complement your sleek new storage with a simple bed - straight lines, minimal fuss and beautiful materials are important elements of the look. For this, the Aero bedstead is a great choice. If you prefer a more traditional look, we’d recommend the Babylon bed- with its adjustable headrest, it’s perfect for sipping your tisane while admiring your zen bedroom.

Finally, invest in some crisp white bed linen to complete your minimal look - that floral set really won’t cut it.


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