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8 Blue and Grey Bedroom Ideas

Step aside blue and white – there’s a new colour duo in town. Perfect for creating a relaxing, sophisticated and stylish space, blue and grey brings a dynamic that’s can be both calming and energising, depending on how you interpret this combination. Here we explore our favourite blue and grey bedroom trend ideas – we hope you find them as inspiring as we do.
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Blue & Grey Bedroom

1. The vaguely nautical blue and grey bedroom

If you do like to be beside the seaside – but don’t want a bedroom that’s overtly nautical, then blue and grey makes a nice change from blue and white. Try pale grey walls, blue and white (or blue and white striped) bedding, and blue or white painted furniture, like a white wardrobe and a white chest of drawers.

This is a coastal look with a hint of chic city cool. Accessorise with fluffy rugs, throws and cushions to soften the edges and make your space even more welcoming.

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Faye Bedroom

2. The Wedgwood blue and grey bedroom

For some, blue and palest grey is just another charming colour combination. For others, it instantly brings to mind the pottery produced in the eighteenth century by Josiah Wedgwood's factory – the raised white figures, faces and decorative elements on a mid-blue grey background. This blue has become known, universally, as Wedgwood blue and it’s a wonderful basis for a bedroom that’s sophisticated, calm and relaxing.

Use this colour for the walls and bring in darker blue furniture – a blue ottoman storage bed (the extra storage will help you keep this look elegant, refined and uncluttered) and a space-saving grey sliding door wardrobe for a sleek finished look. Accenting with on trend copper or gold accessories, like a gold mirror, will give this blue grey bedroom a touch of modern luxury

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3. Where the sea meets the sky

Nature lovers often go for green-themed rooms. We think a blue and grey bedroom can feel just as close to nature as it reflects the beautiful blue and grey tones of a changing sky, a dramatic ocean and even a misty landscape.

Build this design theme around a statement upholstered bed – nothing too decorative but definitely something imposing and eye catching like a grey upholstered divan bed with a tall buttoned or fluted headboard. Then, layer different tones of blue for the paint on the walls, the rugs on the floor, the shades on the bedside table lamps, and even the art work. Add in silver-toned accessories – silver cushions, perhaps – for a sophisticated look that still feels natural and organic.

Scandi Bedroom

4. The cool blue Scandi-style bedroom

The Scandi-style interpretation of the blue and grey bedroom trend is less a Nordic forest and more a Swedish lake. Clean, cool and refreshing, this look features an abundance of overlapping white, pale blue and pale grey tones, and blond wood – perhaps Ercol bedroom furniture – or white-painted furniture looks fabulous.

If your bedroom is already fairly neutral in colour, it’s relatively easy and inexpensive to try this trend on for size. Retain your white or off-white walls and white bedding and simply accessorise with cool Scandi-inspired colours – grey cushions, neutral rugs, blue wall art. If you like what you see, then you can commit to the look even more by introducing some overtly Scandi-style pieces, such as wooden bedside tables or a wooden bedframe.

5. The blue and grey bedroom that’s more grey than blue

It’s tempting to think of grey simply as a useful background for other, more powerful colours, but a grey and blue bedroom – where grey is the primary colour – can be just as striking as a blue and grey bedroom.

Because grey is so on trend you’ll have the pick of some fabulous bedroom furniture pieces with which to create your stylish bedroom. Consider a grey upholstered bed paired with, of course, a grey bedside table.

And don’t forget – grey encompasses a huge variety of shades, from pale translucent grey to smoky dark grey. Charcoal grey is a great choice, a designer favourite and surprisingly warm and inviting.

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Grey Upholstered Bed

6. The blue and grey bedroom as art gallery

If you love a well-chosen accessory or piece of wall art, think about turning your bedroom into something of a showpiece.

Start with midnight blue walls – a bold colour choice but one that’s surprisingly relaxing – and accessorise freely, opting either for bright decorative wall art that will pop against the dark blue walls, or (our preference) simple monochromatic pieces for an ultra-sophisticated and luxurious look. There’s no need to actively seek out solely grey accessories – black and white monochromatic wall art will read as grey. Add decorative silver mirrors for a touch of luxe style.

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7. Wake up to tropical blue with pops of colour

While the grey and blue bedroom trend lends itself especially well to sophisticated design themes, you’ll find there’s still a place for bold and vivid colour. Start with a bright turquoise or deep aqua paired with a stronger grey with brown undertones, then add bright pops of colour – an orange rug, purple cushions, colourful artwork and even a statement yellow accent chair for a confident creative look that still feels warm and welcoming.

Want your room to be even more authentically tropical? Consider introducing some greenery in the form or real or artificial plants.

8. Warm and fluffy – the baby blue and grey bedroom trend

For the perfect balance of soft and sophisticated, choose pastel blue for your walls and accent with a pleasing mid-charcoal grey in the form of an upholstered headboard or divan bed. This particular interpretation of the blue and grey bedroom trend is especially effective if you bring in some fluffy textures in the form of rugs and accent cushions – they’ll help bridge any tonal gap between your blue and your grey. It’s also a look that’s so easy to live with, and can often seamlessly accommodate your existing furniture choices like wooden or grey chests of drawers.

We hope that you feel inspired by our blue and grey bedroom ideas. For more home styling tips, visit our Home of Inspiration.


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