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8 Top Tips for Getting a Better Night's Sleep

Do you struggle to nod off or find that you're not feeling well rested in the morning? In honour of Sleeptember we've put together an illustrated guide with some tips on drifting off.

1. Avoid eating your main evening meal just before you go to sleep; you need to give your digestive system a chance to get to work.

2. If you’re sharing your bed, be sure to compromise as it’s easy to disturb a partner’s sleep.

3. Caffeine is lurking in more products than you think! Avoid all stimulants that could make you hyper.

4. Sleep professionals don't recommend lying on your stomach, as it can potentially cause back and neck pain.

5. Instead, try sleeping on your side, which has been found to alleviate insomnia.

6. Avoid using gadgets in your bedroom - too much information before bed can prevent you from relaxing.

7. It's also been suggested that regularly swimming can improve the quality of your sleep.

8. Finally, invest in a quality bed. If you’re following all these tips and still struggling to nod off, it might be time to look for something new. Research has suggested that your sleep can benefit from replacing your bed about every 7 years.










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