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Minimalist bedroom ideas

This year minimalism has taken a backseat to the new maximalism trend, but in the bedroom many of us still prefer a clean, uncluttered feel. However a minimalist bedroom should still feel luxurious – it’s where we spend a third of our lives, after all. Read on for our favourite minimalist bedroom ideas, for a sleek and unfussy bedroom with that all important touch of luxe.
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Embrace the luxury

Minimalism has been gaining momentum since the 60’s and 70’s. It’s a word we associate with white, pared-back and clean, but (sometimes) also cold and clinical – and because of this we don’t tend to associate it with luxury and cosiness.

The good news? Minimalist bedroom ideas need not be overly harsh and rigid. You can take the best elements of minimalism, and mix them up with a touch of luxury.

Some are calling the result ‘cosy minimalism’, others are calling it ‘minimalism meets Hygge’ but either way, it's a perfect for the bedroom. So our first minimalist bedroom idea is to keep your bedroom simple and unfussy but don’t shy away from those splashes of luxury. A silky soft rug, a beautiful faux fur throw on the bed, a cushion or two. It’s the small touches that make all the difference.



A white base

When it comes to the base colour of your bedroom, take inspiration from the minimalist aesthetic. The idea with all good minimalist bedroom ideas is to create a simple backdrop, setting the ideal scene for those cosier details.

And what better way than with a white base? This will maximise the minimalist look with a space-enhancing, blank canvas that will help to amplify your accents. So what can be sleek, uncomplicated and minimal? Given that the minimal style is formed around functionality, this will usually be your walls or floors and your most functional furniture from your bed to your wardrobes. And there’s a great choice of white bedroom furniture to choose from, from glossy modern white chests of drawers to painted white bedside tables.


white base images white base images 2

Natural wood

If the all-white base isn’t for you, or you’re just working in some ‘cosy’ in other areas, try weaving the white with some natural materials and hues. This is a great way to counteract the purest of your minimalist bedroom ideas with some snugness and spread some warmth around.

One of the best materials for this is natural wood – a neutral texture and colour which has the power to warm up any bedroom. This could be your bed frame, your furnishings or just general décor from wall hangings to reclaimed wall art. For a double whammy, work both white and natural wood into your space with two-tone bedroom furniture, combining clean white bases with wooden cornice tops


Layered textures

Layering is a great way to add some cosiness while avoiding too cluttered a feel. The key is to stick with a neutral palette and make your mark with textures instead.

Lovely linens, snug blankets and rugs reinforce the comfort element and bring some warmth to the bedroom – all the while keeping distractions at bay.

The key with all minimalist bedroom ideas is to place such accessories with care and thought, so there is a feeling of order and purpose.


rug close up
green jager

Gorgeous greenery

If you really want to make sure your bedroom isn’t teetering on the overly cool and clinical, one of our minimalist bedroom ideas is to incorporate some plants into your bedroom. Whether they’re real or you decide to rock the artificial style (we get it, keeping plants alive is no easy task!), they’ll breathe life into your bedroom and instantly make it feel homelier. If you do go for real plants, why not go for those with a soothing effect too? We suggest something like the Peace Lily, Spider Plant, Jasmine or any other plant renowned for its calming properties. The Jasmine plant is known for reducing stress and helping you to sleep better, while the Spider plant will cleanse and purify the air. Both of these will add to the tranquil feel of the minimalist bedroom.


Wall art and accessories

As you will know by now, the best minimalist bedroom ideas involve a simple, pared-down base with carefully chosen accessories that help to accent the room. One way to do this is with wall art, which adds impact and character to an otherwise composed room – through an image, pattern, style or even a splash of colour. The same goes for accessories, which, when used sparingly, can add just the right amount of cosy to your room.


wall art

It’s not hard to see why a cosier sort of minimalism is fast becoming one of the favourite trends of our time. Just remember, getting it right is all about balancing the pared-back fundamentals of minimalist living with warmer and more welcoming accents. Long gone are the days where our homes had to be completely sparse of warmth to be considered ‘in’. Here’s to a new, gorgeous and all-round cosier minimalist future with our elegant yet luxurious minimalist bedroom ideas.



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