Upholstered furniture care guide

Learn more about taking care of leather upholstery with our guide below.

Leather care

Here are our recommendations for cleaning your leather-upholstered furniture. Remember to use only recommended cleaning products and services.

Cleaning waxed wood

Leather upholstery

At Furniture Village we offer four different types of 100% leather upholstery for our sofas, chairs and even beds. Consider the look and style you’re going for and the needs of your family, and choose the one that’s right for you.

Cleaning oiled wood

Family leather

A protective coating gives our family leather a smooth and uniform look, making it a great value, practical choice for families.
Cleaning waxed wood

Connoisseur leather

With luxurious natural grain markings, our beautiful connoisseur leather is crafted from only the finest premium hides.

Cleaning waxed wood

Romance leather

Full of unique character, our romance leather can have a distressed or antiqued finish for that gorgeous lived-in look.

Cleaning oiled wood

Club leather

Thick, durable and strong and with a heavier grain definition, our club leather is tough enough to withstand the rigours of busy modern life.

The truth about leather

Leather has natural characteristics such as scars and blemishes – that’s what makes it beautiful and unique.

Leather colour, texture and finish may vary, even between sofas and chairs in the same range.

Leather will soften and relax with wear, and creases may appear.

Initially leather will stretch and wrinkle (known as “puddling”). The degree of stretching will then slow down significantly, and the appearance of puddling can be minimised by carefully smoothing the leather back.

Cleaning your leather furniture

Cleaning your leather furniture

Here are our recommendations for cleaning your leather-upholstered furniture. Remember to use only recommended cleaning products and services

1. Emergency cleaning

Liquid spills can be blotted with a dry cloth or kitchen paper. Be careful not to rub the area as this could damage the finish and cause discoloration.

2. Regular cleaning

Remove dust with a clean, soft white cloth, slightly dampened with pre-boiled water cooled to room temperature. Avoid soaking any areas. Family leather should be dusted with a dry cloth only. Always keep a cloth specifically for leather furniture and keep it away from soaps and detergents as these may damage the leather.

Vacuum weekly at a low setting to remove dust and dirt, especially from under the cushions. Do not use spray polish or any detergents as these may damage the finish.

Protect your upholstered furniture with Care+

Our Care+ Protect Policy offers protection against accidental damage like spills and stains, plus structural damage like warped and broken frames, giving you total peace of mind.

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As long as you made your purchase less than 14 days sgo, you can add a Care+ Protect policy to cover your new furniture - plus you'll receive FREE Care kit for your protected furniture. Just call us on 0345 646 1701 and we'll get it set up for you.

Upholstery Care Kits

Fabric care kit

Fabric Care Kit

Contains everything you need for optimum fabric care.

lacquered Wood

Leather Care Kit

Keep 100% real leather at its best with this handy kit.