Upholstered furniture care guide

Get the low down on looking after your recliner with our bitesize recliner care videos below.

Recliner care

Looking for more quick tips? The Daily Care tab has loads of useful info to take the fuss out of furniture care.

Cleaning oiled wood

How to recline

Sit back in the recliner with a gap between the footrest and your feet. Pull the recliner handle or press the power button and the footrest will rise. Push back on the arm tops to recline further.
Cleaning waxed wood

How to sit up

Close the recliner with your legs positioned centrally. Be sure the recliner action is completely closed before getting out directly forward.

Cleaning oiled wood

What not to do

Don’t close the recliner if your legs are placed off to the side of the footrest. And don’t get up from the recliner whilst the footrest is extended as this will damage the mechanism.

Solving recliner problems

If your manual recliner feels stiff

The motion of your new manual recliner may feel a little stiff at first. Please allow time for it to ease into use. Seat cushions will soften with use, too.

If your power recliner suddenly stops working

You may have moved your recliner and dislodged the power pack or cable, or the power cables may have become entangled in the mechanism. Make sure that cables are routed under the recliner mechanism and to the rear of the recliner.

If there is a small gap between seat platforms

On all recliners, it’s normal to see a small gap between the cushions. This is to allow the seat pad to expand during use so that it does not inhibit the recliner action. This may be exaggerated, depending on the type of flooring you have.

Cleaning your leather furniture

Additional care tips for recliners

Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when assembling or disassembling your recliner.

Recliners have fixed cushions which require smoothing and straightening regularly. Check out the Cushion Care tab for more info on how to look after cushions.

Take a look at the Fabric Care and Leather Care tabs for detailed care and cleaning information for your upholstery. Refer to the manufacturers care guide for full care details, and only ever use recommended cleaning products.

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