Bed buying guide

If you’re wondering how to choose a bed, you’ve come to the right place. The Furniture Village bed buying guide covers all the different types of bed available, helps you work out what bed size is right for you, offers bed style suggestions and has top tips when buying a bed. Read on to learn more about beds.

Your bed buying questions answered

Q. What’s the difference between a divan base and a bed frame?

A. A divan base is the upholstered base on which a mattress sits. Platform top divan bases offer a firm and supportive surface. Pocket sprung divan bases are designed to provide a softer sleeping surface. Many divan bases come with optional storage drawers or lift-up ottoman storage. A bed frame is any other type of mattress support and can be made of wood or metal, or finished with fabric in a wide variety of styles.

Q. Will sprung slats make a big difference to how my mattress feels?

A. Solid slats in a bed frame will make a mattress feel firmer, sprung slats will make it feel a little softer. It’s essential to consider the type of base you have (or want) when you’re choosing a mattress.

Q. Does a bed with built in storage still provide enough mattress support?

A. Yes, and that’s the beauty of storage beds – you get extra bedroom storage plus excellent mattress support.

Q. My new bed frame is too big for my bedroom. Where did I go wrong?

A. It’s likely that you assumed that your new bed frame would be the same size as your mattress. For example, a double mattress is a standard size (135 cm wide and 190 cm long) but a double bed frame can be wider and longer, depending on the design. A wooden bed frame with a deep head end, for example, will be longer than its mattress.

Q. Can I use an existing mattress on a new bed frame?

A. Yes, although buying a new bed frame is a good time to consider whether it’s time to buy a new mattress. You might also find it more cost efficient to buy a mattress plus bed frame at the same time. If you’re shopping for a new mattress too, start by visiting the Furniture Village mattress finder.

Q. How do I clean my upholstered bed frame?

A. As with all upholstered furniture like sofas and armchairs, it’s important to deal with any spills or stains quickly. Take a look at our upholstered furniture care guide for more tips.

Q. What’s the best colour for an upholstered bed?

A. A bold or vibrant colour for an upholstered bed guarantees that your new bed will make a strong design statement. Choose a colour that you absolutely love, of course. If you like to change your bedroom décor from time to time, we suggest a sophisticated neutral shade. Our grey upholstered bed frames are very much on trend and go with so many other design styles and colour palettes.

Q. I like to change my décor regularly, but can’t afford to buy a new bed as often. What’s the best bed for me?

A. A beautiful high-quality oak bed frame will never go out of fashion. Oak works well with many décor styles, from contemporary to classic.