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Men’s Bedroom Ideas: Not just for men

The bedroom is the space where the modern man (or woman) comes to rest, recharge and reflect, away from the stresses of everyday life. You might live alone, or you may be lucky enough to have a space in the family home to put your own interests and personality on display, and yours alone. How is it possible to make the room feel relaxing, yet welcoming at the same time? Luckily, the idea of a ‘men’s bedroom’ is becoming outmoded in modern times, and the term ‘masculine style’ is broader than ever, as both men and women embrace clean minimalist style with a splash of luxury, a wider spectrum of bold colours and the latest trends. From dark shades to textured materials, here are 7 tips for creating that masculine-look bedroom that will appeal to everyone.
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Men’s bedroom ideas – king size bed frame
Men’s bedroom ideas – Zen wall art

1. Minimalist bedrooms

One of the golden rules with so called ‘men’s bedroom ideas’ is minimalism. Aim for sleek, simple and sophisticated, and you will be on your way to creating that masculine vibe.

Go for a select number of furniture pieces and avoid clutter. Keep the colour palette minimal too, preferably with some darker hues or a few different shades of grey. Your bedroom furniture should lean towards clean lines and sharp corners, and you can introduce geometric shapes in bedroom mirrors and textiles that carry on the theme. With minimalism less is more, so go for one striking piece of wall art, for example, instead of multiple pictures or photographs.

A few choice textures will work wonders too. Think natural surfaces like stone or wood, used to complement materials such as suede and leather.


2. A modern colour palette

The colours used for what some might call a men’s bedroom tend to be darker and moodier than they would be for a more traditionally feminine space. For a classic masculine vibe, look towards dark hues, blueish tones, greens and greys.

If looking to create a room with a modern feel, try greys, blacks and rich browns. Maybe a Belgian chocolate hue on the walls, with a super king size bed in neutral colours, spiced with a bold accent. Dark backdrops are also good for showing of technology, such as a Smart TV.

Men’s bedroom ideas – modern ottoman bed

A lot of these colours can be introduced through your choice of textures or materials. Try wooden cladding or some heavy wooden furniture – bedside tables and a chest of drawers – which will also introduce those vital clean edges and sharp lines.

But make sure that dark does not mean cold, flat or uninviting. Use a varied grey palette to create depth, with lamps and white bed sheets helping to add brightness.


Men’s bedroom ideas – marble and metal side table

3. Masculine bedrooms can be luxurious too

You can add a touch of sophistication with a few simple, luxurious touches – aiming for a boutique hotel kind of feel. Think high-quality furnishings, featuring smooth leather, satin sheets and velvet cushion covers.

Go big on luxury, literally – introduce big leather furniture elements and heavy pillows. Balance the look with raw materials like concrete or brick, and metal frames for your wall art. If you like, try a few luxury materials, such as marble, polished granite or mahogany – a table with a marble slab on top, for example.

Feel like the king of the castle, sit on the bed and survey your domain. Include items like a mattress topper to ensure you reign in extreme comfort.


4. Mix textures and organic materials

A list of clichéd ‘men’s bedroom ideas’ usually starts with a minimalistic colour palette, predominantly darker shades, and a basic furniture selection for an uncluttered look. But rules are made to be broken – and remember this style is for everybody. Variety can be added with your choice of textures and by introducing organic materials.

For example, wood flooring is a good way to bring in the organic feel, while satin sheets add a different texture and a glamorous touch. All of this can be set against a dark hue on the walls, with the lightness of the floor and sheets stopping it from appearing too closed-in.

Add in other materials like stone, unfinished wood and granite – it gives a rough edge. A bare brick wall can work nicely with metal accents and leather finishes, as well as tile and concrete. Try some leather panels to make a headboard wall behind the bed.


Men’s bedroom ideas – Tempur ottoman bed frame
Men’s bedroom ideas – cool, retro style sofa bed

5. A simple bed with clean lines

The bed is a key part of any bedroom design. If the room is restricted in size, or multipurpose, you could look for a sofa bed to give yourself more space – choose something retro and funky or maybe a leather sofa bed to add character.

A metal or wooden double bed frame is fine, just steer away from anything that seems over the top or elaborate – you want balance and serenity. And beds with built-in storage will minimise clutter.

Finally look for a memory foam mattress that relieves pressure on the joints and aids muscle recovery – Tempur mattresses, for example, contour the body for maximum support. A mattress with cooling properties might be an option, for those who overheat at night.


6. Show off your hobby

Show of your personality – decorate your bedroom with items that showcase your hobbies and interests, including a favourite sports team, art project or movie. Hang up a surfboard and work on a coastal look for the rest of the room, or put a guitar, records, books or wall art on show.

Technology is often something that makes a room feel more masculine than feminine (in traditional terms), such as a flatscreen TV, which you can mount on the wall or on top of a slimline TV stand. Or look for beds with built-in technology, such as a TV bed, with a screen that rises out of the footboard.

If you like to play music, filling your room with organic textures – such as wood, stone etc – creates a great acoustic setting.


7. Cool furniture and sleek storage

Choosing a simplistic look means you won’t really need to fill the space with lots of furniture. Everything you do get, try to stick to the idea of simplistic lines and sharp edges, working with a neutral colour palette.

Certain materials, such as suede or leather, evoke a masculine feel, so you could go for a nice leather swivel chair. Or choose one featuring fabrics of greys and blues instead. Some cabinets and shelving will give the room additional clean lines and help avoid clutter.

The wardrobes could become an artistic feature too – try a version with see-through doors, or look for a wardrobe that combines sliding doors and mirrors with discreet illuminations.

A desk and a chair can add a work space area to the room. Finish the space with some simple lighting, adding lamps here and there, or try LED lighting, to stop the room seeming too dark if you have opted for a moody colour scheme.


We hope that you feel inspired by our ‘not just for men’ men’s bedroom ideas. For more home styling tips, visit our Home of Inspiration.

Men’s bedroom ideas – modern sliding door wardrobe

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