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9 ways to create a bedroom you’ll love

You’ve designed your dining room, lavished hours of attention on your living room, and now it’s time to transform your bedroom. But if you’ve run out of money or energy or both, never fear. Our style tips and design tricks make it easy to create a bedroom space that’s made for relaxation and rejuvenation. Read on to find out how to turn your bedroom into a stylish and functional room that you’ll love.
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1. Start with a plan

The most stylish rooms always start with a plan. Your bedroom should be no different. While it’s tempting to pick furniture purely for its functionality – any old chest of drawers, a wardrobe from your parents’ house, and non-matching bedside tables – the result will be a room that lacks any sense of harmony.

Instead, think about your own personal style and decide on a look you love. Do some research – look at home interiors’ magazines or browse design websites – and decide on an overarching colour or design theme around which you can build a look. Or find a furniture range that you love for a ready-made design theme with pieces that work beautifully together in terms of style, colour and proportion.


2. Be clever with storage

Every bedroom needs bedroom storage. However much you might like the minimalistic look, you have to have somewhere to store your sweaters and keep shoes out of sight. Having enough bedroom storage also means you can keep surfaces and corners clean and uncluttered.

Most people think they need a wardrobes, a chest of drawers and a bedside cabinet or two, but not everybody has the same storage needs. If you keep your clothes in drawers rather than hangers, you may not need a wardrobe. If you prefer to tuck things away, consider a small chest of drawers rather than a traditional one-drawer bedside cabinet. And if you like to have favourite objects on display, a dressing table with drawers might be perfect for you.

BETTER SLEEP TIP: You may find it hard to switch off at night if your bedroom is cluttered as a messy room could remind you of unfinished tasks and lengthy to-do lists. Tidy up before bed for more relaxing sleep.


3. Know your style

Design magazines are great for getting initial inspiration, but don’t feel you have to follow their advice to the letter. What’s most important is that your bedroom reflects your personality and is somewhere you feel at home. Have confidence in your own sense of style – whatever your style might be.

If pink, for example, is the colour that makes you feel happy and peaceful, then you should feel free to bring home a pink bedroom chair, pink rugs and pink scatter cushions. Your bedroom doesn’t have to be fashionable or cutting edge, but it does need to make you feel relaxed and comfortable.


4. Choose the right size of furniture

Scale matters. Large pieces of furniture can overwhelm a small room, and if you have a big room it’s important to make sure everything's in proportion. If you’ve found a furniture range that you absolutely love and you have a smaller than average bedroom, review it carefully for smaller-scale pieces. The 2 door wardrobe, for example, might be better than the 3 or 4 door wardrobe. You’ll still get the stylish look you’re after, but your furniture will fit more comfortably in the space available.

Many bedroom furniture ranges offer a huge choice of items including multiple sizes of wardrobes and chests of drawers for maximum flexibility. Take a look at our bedroom furniture buying guide for more advice and information.



5. Accentuate the positive

Creating a new-look bedroom doesn’t have to be about new furniture, new accessories and new wallpaper. Often the things that make your bedroom a stylish and relaxing place to be are already there. So, before you commence on a radical revamp, take a good look around your space.

There might be original features that you love like wooden floors, alcoves, built in storage and big windows. You might really like your wallpaper or paint colour – and there’s definitely no need to change it if that’s the case. You might have a favourite piece of furniture like a chest of drawers or a metal bed frame that has sentimental value and that you want to incorporate in your restyled bedroom. It’s important that you think about how you can really showcase the things you love and make them part of a cohesive and put together design look.

BETTER SLEEP TIP: If you love your bedroom, it might be tempting to go to bed early. But if you lie down before you’re ready to go to sleep, you may end up lying awake worrying why you’re not falling asleep. Wait until you are properly tired before climbing into bed.

6. Think big – but not too big

Your wardrobe is probably the largest piece of furniture you’ll buy for your bedroom, and unless you have a separate dressing room it’s an unavoidable purchase.

It’s important to get it right. You need it to be spacious enough to easily accommodate your clothes and perhaps your partner’s, but not too big that it overwhelms your bedroom. Semi-fitted wardrobes are a good idea as they have all the sleek style of fitted wardrobes and are a great way to maximise your bedroom floor space. If you find you do need a large wardrobe, consider a neutral colour or even one with mirrored doors which will help your bedroom feel bigger.




7. Invest in comfort

If your bed is uncomfortable, no amount of stylish touches and cool furniture is going to make your bedroom a place you want to be in. That’s why it’s really vital to choose the right mattress – one that supports you in all the right places and lets you wake up fully rested and ready to start the day. Our mattress buying guide has plenty of ideas to help you find the perfect mattress for you.

High quality bedding and linens can also make a real difference to your sleep experience. Linen sheets, duvets covers and pillow cases may not be the cheapest, but they feel fantastic.


BETTER SLEEP TIP: If you share a bed, your partner may inadvertently disturb your sleep. Choosing the biggest bed that you can comfortably fit in your bedroom can make it easier to relax in peace. Separate duvets can also help.

8. Make the most of every square inch

Small bedroom? Your challenge is to make your room look bigger and be every bit as functional as a larger bedroom.

Using light colours on the walls and limiting accessories to just three or four statement pieces can help a room feel more spacious and less cluttered. Create a visually consistent look with furniture from the same range, opt for taller rather than wider chests of drawers, and pick functional storage pieces like wardrobes with built in drawer units.



9. Make a difference with accessories

If you’re not in the market for a complete bedroom makeover, refreshing your room’s accessories can make a real difference to its ambience. Mirrors help make a smaller room feel light and airy, and plants bring the outside in for a calming, relaxed feel. Don’t worry if you lack green thumbs as artificial plants have much the same effect.

A new rug or scatter cushions on your bed can make everything feel warm and cosy, and they’re an easy way to bring in a pop of colour. Lighting is perhaps the most important finishing touch. We recommend that you invest in multiple table lamps to give your room a warm ambience and avoid harsh overhead lighting.

BETTER SLEEP TIP: Turn down the light at bedtime – a dark room helps your body produce melatonin, the hormone that helps regulate your body’s sleep/wake rhythms. And be sure to put away your digital devices at least an hour before bedtime.

The home of inspiration

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