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Purple and Grey Bedroom Ideas

If you’re exploring colour schemes for a bedroom makeover, look no further than purple and grey. This versatile duo effortlessly combines to provide a wide range of design themes that include minimal, glamorous, vintage and, of course, royal. Truly a colour pairing for all times, the purple and grey bedroom feels simultaneously traditional and right on trend. Here’s our pick of the very best ways to explore purple and grey in your bedroom.
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Purple bedroom ideas – Ercol bedside cabinet

1. The majestic purple and grey bedroom

The original colour of royalty, purple has long been associated with everything that’s luxurious and majestic. If you love the side of purple that’s rich with royal symbolism and connotations of nobility and power, then a purple-themed bedroom is for you. Adding touches of grey – on a feature wall or through silk or satin bedding – serves to emphasise the richness of the purple while offering a nicely modern counterpoint.

Team your purple and grey bedroom look with suitably regal furniture choices like oak bedroom furniture – an oak bed frame and matching chest of drawers and wardrobe, perhaps. Add a beautifully upholstered loveseat or grandly welcoming purple accent chair and accessorise with wall art and decorative mirrors.


2. The glamorous purple and grey bedroom

A purple and grey bedroom – or even a purple and silver bedroom – showcases a perfectly glamorous colour combination that’s cool, contemporary and rather chic. Even better, it’s a colour combination that you won’t quickly tire of, an important factor when you’re designing your bedroom.

Amplify the glamour by option for mirrored bedroom furniture, elaborate ceiling lighting or a chandelier, and a show stopping upholstered purple bed. Depending on the furniture and accessories you choose, this look can be very old Hollywood glamour, especially if purple is the more dominant colour. Choose grey as your key colour and you’ll find it oozes contemporary luxe.


Purple and grey bedroom – mirror chest of drawers
Purple and grey bedroom ideas – large wool rug

3. The vintage purple and grey bedroom

While purple and grey as a colour combination can be bold and dramatic, it can also be calm, soothing and even a little bit whimsical. If you’re drawn to the softer side of purple and grey, consider a vintage-style purple and grey bedroom. Think soft lilac or lavender walls, floral bedding and a vintage-style metal bed frame – one with a pewter finish will help reinforce the grey aspect of this theme.

And while perfectly suited to cottage living, this is also a design style that can be easily pared back. If you prefer a more simple Scandi look, opt for white-painted wood furniture and a shaggy rugs in a soft neutral. Skip the floral bedding in favour of crisp white cotton.

4. The modern purple and grey bedroom

For a colour scheme so steeped in royal tradition, purple and grey can be surprisingly modern. If you love the look, but want to ensure it stays fresh and on trend over time, choose your shades carefully. This is definitely the time for subtlety – go for a soft contemporary grey with an interesting off-beat purple, and then introduce timeless coordinating accent pieces and finishing touches.

Rustic or industrial-style bedroom furniture can keep your purple and grey bedroom colour scheme right on trend. You’ll find that subtle metal details and warm rustic wood complement the grey in any scheme especially if you add industrial-style accessories. Or go for well- crafted modern bedroom furniture with clean contemporary lines and either a lacquered or a textured finish.


Purple and grey bedroom – large rectangular mirror
Purple and grey bedroom – black and silver lamp

5. The artistic purple and grey bedroom

If you’re a creative type (and even if you’re not) you’ll quickly realise that the perfect purple and grey bedroom doesn’t have to have purple and grey in equal measure. Let your artistic side run free by using grey to accent a purple room or purple to accent a grey room.

Try painting all four of your bedroom walls a soft, neutral grey and introduce pops of purple through creative accent pieces such as modern wall art where purple is the predominant colour, a piece of glassware or ceramic in purple or lavender, or a bold statement floor lamp. If you opt for the inverse – purple walls with grey accent pieces – be sure to pick your purple carefully to avoid overwhelming those subtle grey accents.


6. The adaptable purple and grey bedroom

Purple and grey is a wonderfully versatile bedroom colour scheme, and an especially good choice for both little girls and young women. For tweens, choose pale dove grey or lilac walls and brighter purple bedding and accent pieces. Then, as time passes, this look can be changed to suit the more sophisticated tastes of your teenager.

At that point, you can paint a feature wall in a bold purple or a dramatic grey, and then add a soft and plushy purple rug. The beauty of this design scheme is that you won’t need to radically upgrade any furniture as time passes as long as you opt for modular children’s bedroom furniture, or something simple and timeless like a wooden bed frame and wardrobe set or a classic white single bed.


Purple and grey bedroom – white dressing table
Purple and grey bedroom – multicoloured cushion

7. The minimal purple and grey bedroom

If you yearn for cool clean lines of contemporary minimalism – simple, uncluttered and very, very stylish – or love the natural warmth and simple structure of Scandi or Nordic style, then you may feel that a purple and grey bedroom just won’t work for you.

Far from it. The classic earthy tones of a purple and grey bedroom colour scheme lend themselves really well to some of today’s more pared-back design styles. Think in terms of nature-inspired tones like slate grey and a warm heathery purple, and opt for real wood furniture with a natural lightly-oiled finish, and then pair with stylish accessories like purple cushions.

We hope that you feel inspired by our purple and grey bedroom ideas. For more home styling tips, visit our Home of Inspiration.


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