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6 black and white bedroom ideas

If you opt for a black and white bedroom, you actually have the beginnings of a scheme that’s highly versatile. This monochrome combination has never been out of fashion, and can be applied to an Art-Deco-inspired theme, a 1960s modernist look, something minimalist, or even a contemporary style. You can vary the balance of black or white around the room, mix up the furniture in these two strong neutrals, admire how one against the other creates impact, then add variations of both, such as a charcoal grey or off-white cream. An accent colour will really stand out too. Need any more tips? Here are 6 black and white bedroom ideas to get you started.
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Wooden bed frame with black headboard

1. Finding balance with your black and white bedroom

A black and white bedroom has a great timeless quality, but should the colours be equal within the space, or is it better to tip the balance one way more than the other? Try an all-white room with black accent pieces, or black walls with white bedroom furniture for example.

This might all be down to the effect you want. A predominantly white bedroom gives the feeling of space – go for white walls, a white bed and white wardrobes, then supplement with a black mirror and other black accessories. Paint the walls black, or just one wall, and it can make the room feel cosier. Brighten up a black room with mirrors, lamps and wall art.

The trick is to find the right balance, as this will give a more cohesive look. A hotel-style feel can work, with stark white walls, silk bed linen and black cushions. Finish with black bedside tables and lampshades.

Another good idea when planning your black and white bedroom ideas is to make the most of the contrast between these two neutrals – use white in areas where natural light can highlight it, and black where the room’s focal points should be.


Wooden wardrobe with black and white colour scheme
Grey upholstered bed

2. Go for a minimalist black and white look

Black and white will definitely make an impact, so keep the furniture to a minimum and let the contrast shine. A black and white bedroom can still be practical, yet look highly effective, with a careful selection of items.

Start with your choice of bed. You could make this a strong focal point with a dramatic statement piece. A black ottoman bed with built-in storage will look impressive and be useful for hiding away clutter. Or try the stand-out lines of a black metal bed frame, paired with an elaborate headboard. Use fresh white bed linen in either case.

Space-saving furniture elsewhere in the room will complement the look. Be strict on the number of other pieces you include, keeping it to the essentials and focusing on items to help minimise clutter - such as a roomy white chest of drawers.

To complement your black and white bedroom ideas, marry your chosen furniture with a glossy wooden floor. Adding a single eye-catching piece for detail, such as a modern chandelier, works well too.


3. Mix black and white textures and prints

Having two strong neutral colours in a room can sometimes make it feel flat, but you can avoid this by mixing up the textures, patterns and materials in your accessories as part of your black and white bedroom ideas. This will give added warmth and interest.

A good space for this is on top of the bed itself. Choose finishing touches such as cushions and pillow covers of varying fabrics, including chunky wool knits, silk or suede. Look for striped or floral black-and-white patterns too. The same applies to your choice of blankets, throws or rugs.

You can vary the colour scheme slightly also – grey, cream or silver work very well with a bedroom that’s monochrome. Try adding a grey rug or a silver mirror. Black and white together will create hard edges, but differing the textures helps to soften this. Vary the lighting too, with pendants and floor lamps, to add more drama.


Black and white bedroom ideas – geometric rug
Black and white bedroom ideas – large mirror

4. Make a black, white and grey bedroom

Mix black and white together – what do you get? Grey, of course. The perfect colour to bridge the divide between the two, and another neutral to include as part of your black and white bedroom. Plus grey is very on-trend right now, with lots of bedroom furniture in this versatile colour.

Start very simply with a grey bed frame, sat against a white wall, with a black chest of drawers either side, or vice-versa. Try some grey wardrobes, a black bed frame and white sheets – there are many combinations.

Perhaps work grey in as the colour of your accessories. Choose a grey headboard, then build on this with grey cushions and a grey rug. Grey is also the colour of shadow, so some creative lighting, casting a grey shadow onto a white surface, can set the mood in a black white and grey bedroom.

Also try a metallic or a silver instead of a flat grey – adding a mirror, some silver cushions, or maybe some black-and-white photographs. Luxe materials come in grey too, consider a pair of marble side tables next to the bed.


5. Try a black and white bedroom with a pop of colour

The great thing about a simple black and white colour scheme is that bright colours will stand out against it. So it’s no surprise that black and white bedroom ideas often include a zesty accent colour or single colourful trophy item.

Yellow works well with black and white, adding an explosion of energy. Use a single yellow cushion on your bed, or perhaps try a warm mustard rug. You could introduce an eye catching floral pattern in the wonderful hue too.

If you have a black white and grey bedroom, try adding pops of colour. Perhaps opt for a pink sofa, or something as equally unexpected, like an orange rug.

Citrus shades work well with black and white, as do metallics. Help to draw the eye with a gold mirror hanging above the bed, or wall art with silver frames.


Black and white bedroom – colourful fabric chair
Black and white bedroom ideas – grey divan bed

6. Create a black and white spare bedroom

A monochrome colour scheme is perfect for a guest bedroom as it suits both masculine and feminine styling. With some clever black and white bedroom ideas, everyone will feel at home.

Often a guest bedroom will be quite small, so you might want white on the walls rather than black to increase the feeling of space. If a double bed overwhelms the room, consider a smaller bed such as a day bed, or opt for a black sofa bed for versatile style.

Bedroom furniture for guests is usually simplistic – just somewhere to sleep, storage, and a few home comforts like a reading lamp on top of a bedside table. A mirrored wardrobe will help to increase the feelings of space if the room is small, while black side tables will add a slick touch. Add a pair of black table lamps to finish. Go for a number of cushions on the bed, plus multiple blankets and throws, this allows the guests to tailor their temperature and comfort.


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